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Study Permit Delay

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Jiiremika, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I submitted my application on June 9 to resume in September 2018 but it was still being processed. Therefore, I had to defer it till Jan 2019. I have even sent the new admission letter to them but it still being processed. I have passed the medicals and don the bio - metric. I have even sent an enquiry to the London office but they keep saying that it's under active review.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Dont worry! If they want to reject it then they would not keep it for so long. have patience. you may see a response in 2-3 weeks.
  3. Good day,

    Hmmm thank you. But they've been reviewing my eligibility for more than a month now
  4. lot of students have been waiting since June. No idea why the delay!
  5. Dear Helican,please help! I made a paper application for a study permit on June 25th for falls semester beginning Sept 4. I am yet to hear from cic,not even a reply for medicals.my letter of acceptance will expire sept 4th.However,my passport will expire in April 2020,what do I do?should I continue to wait for them or defer my admission?if I should defer it,do you think I would be granted a visa based on the date of my passport expiration?please somebody help me out!
  6. passport should not be a problem for now. Just email the college/university that your visa is in process and it may take more 3-4 weeks. Your offer will expire on Sept 4th so you may need an extn. Wait for more 2 weeks and then email them. When did you apply for visa?
  7. Thank you ! I applied for a study permit in June 25. In my country Nigeria,I don't think one needs to apply for a study permit and visa separately.
  8. yes study permit only. Instead of saying study permit, I said visa. Its the same thing.
  9. Wh
    I also applied and waiting . I have passed my Medicals though . What school are you going to ?
  10. Thompson Rivers University and you?
  11. Thompson Rivers also HRM
  12. The thing is your passport won’t be stamped beyond the date or validity .
  13. Did u get a correspondence letter before your medical request,I just got a correspondence letter now
  14. Hi Helican,I just got a correspondence letter,is that a good or bad sign? Some folks said correspondence before medical request is a bad sign how true is it?
  15. It’s a good sign ; so long as you pass the medical

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