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Study permit approved after 3 refusals

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Kr02612, Aug 6, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,
    As you can see in the title, I applied total 4 times for Canadian study permit from February 2019 to July 2019. They refused my study permit 3 times. Last 2 were refused with the same reason : purpose of visit.
    My profile wasn't so strong. 12th: 46%
    Bachelors : 50%
    Current topup degree (Final year of another bachelor's degree) 63% (Didn't even receive my degree certificate of second degree when I applied, I received it after visa approval)
    Ielts: 7.5 no less than 7
    I ordered GCMS NOTES after my first refusal and tried to understand from the reasons given for refusal and tried to write a new statement of Purpose, but even after that, they rejected it twice.
    With several rejections and studying my old statement of Purpose, I slowly started understanding what visa officer is actually looking for in your application. I wrote a statement of purpose of 5 pages (it's too much, isn't it) with every detailed information and within 2 weeks, I got visa approval. So I want to tell everyone who is thinking to give up after 1 or 2 rejections even after having a strong case, just don't. Don't give up. If your academic and ielts score are good, have sufficient funds, work on your statement of Purpose. Write what they want to read. Need some help? I will help you without charging anything unlike consultants since I would be more than happy if I can help you achieve your dreams.
  2. Good going brother
    What were the reasons given for refusal
  3. When I applied for the first time, they mentioned many reasons. Such as lack of fund, low marks in past, family ties, purpose of visit, immigration status and travel history. When I applied for the second time, I answered to their concerns in my statement of purpose, they again refused it but wihh only one reason : purpose of visit. So I was a bit hopeful since I answered their all other concerns except purpose of visit. They again refused my third application with the same reason: purpose of visit. I finally succeed to convince them about the purpose of visit in the fourth try.
  4. congratulations bro can you send me your sop??
  5. Hey. It gives me some confidence after reading your story. Anyway, these were the reasons given for my refusal. Could you please help me?

    • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.
    • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on your personal assets and financial status.
    • Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of: your level of establishment, financial ability and I am not satisfied you are a genuine student and that you will depart Canada at the end of your authorized stay.

    Thank you.
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  6. Sure. Just give me your email address. I'll send it by tonight.
  7. For the first two given reasons, I can help you with my experience. For the last reason (they also gave me that reason in my first SP REFUSAL) , I can't help you until I know about your previous degree and the program you gonna study in Canada, your ielts score and your academic score.
  8. 10th and 12th :- 62.8% and 59.2%

    I have been accepted to pursue Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration program from Conestoga College. It’s a two-year PG Diploma program.

    I have completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

    IELTS score- 7 (not less than 6.5 in each band).

    Work Experience- 4 years as System Admin and Asst. System Admin.

    I have got one visa rejection back in 2014. Didnt re-apply.
  9. Please help me with whatever you can. Thank you. :) And could you please send me your SOP to me too? My email is: freedeadly92@yahoo.co.in
  10. Ge
    SDS or general

  11. Hi , I applied SDS online on 18 th july , and while submitting I haven’t uploaded my SOP since they said it’s an optional document. Will my application rejected ?
    I have not received any communication till now done with biometrics on 25 th . When can I expect and what can I expect ! Any suggestion from your past experience! Please
  12. I applied through SDS online.
  13. Your academic profile is a lot stronger than mine. I also had work experience of 3 years and they said, "with a bachelor's degree and 3 years of work experience, why you wanna spend money on a pg diploma". So in my new sop, I wrote that pg diploma is a shorter version of a masters degree with almost equivalent qualifications. But in a masters
    There are so many people who got visa approval even without submitting an SOP. but if your previous and proposed study fields are different, you must submit an SOP to explain why did you choose this field.
  14. Not as strong as you think. I started my UG on 2009. But couldnt finish it on time i.e on 2013. I took a break and started working from 2013-2017 and Finished my UG on 2018 from another UNIVERSITY. Worked 2 more years till April 2019. I have explained this in my SOP. I stated due to "back logs and family issues I couldnt complete it on time".

    I guess you didnt finish the reply.

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