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Study Permit App Within Canada with Spouse in the Philippines


Oct 5, 2015
Hi everyone!

I badly need help! I have submitted an application for study permit online with accompanying spouse. I submitted the application together with OWP and TRV for my spouse. I have been approved for my study permit but now I am starting to freak out because I might have done something wrong with our app. You see I called CIC call centre to inquire about my spouse's application and I was told that I should have done my study permit application online and had my spouse process a separate application for OWP and TRV in the the visa centre in the Philippines. This is because I am here in Canada and my spouse is in the Philippines so it should have been the visa centre in my country who is authorized to review my spouse's application.

I am now very confused. Should we go ahead and get assistance from the visa center in my country or just wait for further instructions? It has been passed the processing times for TRV but sadly the call centre here in Canada is not able to help me. The online application I submitted just had confirmation they have received the application.

Hope someone in the same situation can share their experience. Or does anyone know here know how to proceed with this?

Thanks a million.