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Study permit 2019

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Nadinenamir, Aug 13, 2019.

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    I am a student at McGill. I began my studies in Sep 2018. I applied for a study permit last summer on June 28th from Abu Dhabi where I previously lived). I received PPR August 2nd, but as I was already in Egypt and my travel date was booked for the following days, I entered Canada as a visitor with a valid visitor visa obtained from (2016) and met with an immigration officer at Montreal airport to show him my PPR which I confused for an introduction letter back then. I was issued a study permit by the officer who committed a mistake by issuing it without letter of introduction. With that in mind, I was under the impression that no further action was necessary and began my studies.
    On Jan 30th, the office in Abu Dhabi cancelled my permit application due to failure to submit my passport for stamping. I applied the same week for another study permit from inside of Canada, and contacted IRCC many times for 4 months to make sure if this application was the correct one to use. I was told that the officer issued my study permit in August by error, therefore, they were unsure about my status (visitor or student) and needed to investigate with the port of entry to let me know which application to proceed with ( submitted one, or apply from outside).
    My application took 4 months to process, during which I continued to contact IRCC for any updates but I received none. I decided to withdraw my application, considering my passport was set to expire on July 2019, so I needed to leave Canada to renew it, and on the safer side, apply again from an outside application instead to obtain it before the start of my semester. I called IRCC one more time once I received the withdrawal update and they advised me to apply from outside to rectify this issue and obtain a new visa.
    I applied for a study permit online from Cairo on June 28 and been waiting since with no updates. I was informed my application is being processed in Ankara so I sent them an email and received this response:

    “Please be informed your application is in queue for the officer's review within normal processing times. At this time, we are unable to provide an estimated date of when a final decision on the case will be made. If we require any further information/documents, or when a final decision is made, we will be in contact with the applicant immediately.

    Due to higher than usual volumes of applications being received at this time, processing times are currently longer than listed on our website.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

    I know this case is very unique, but any opinion on what their email means or if I’m to get a final decision soon? I’m really worried as my classes resume in 3 weeks, do the officers consider that people need to get a reply before September?
  2. You could’ve submitted your passport for stamping at Egypt VAC as well.

    The processing time states 6 weeks, but since it’s being processed in Ankara, there might be delays beyond the stated time.

    All you can do is wait.

  3. No, the officers usually don’t consider your course start dates.
    They follow procedures and every application is in a queue.

    Many times students had to defer a semester because of visas coming out late.

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