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Students for September 2019 intake


Aug 23, 2019
I applied 25th July (general category)
Bio was on 31st July
Bio updated on 16 august
Medical passed 20 august with two emails
After that no reply yet
College Saskatchewan polytechnic
Classes start on 3 SEP too much worried
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Aug 6, 2019
hello there, I got my offer letter from fleming college post graduate course, i had also applied on 21st june and biometrics was on 25th june, since then my medical was cleared on 9th july and on the same date requirements for additional docs was also passed (that means no additional docs were required) after that another update was on the portal saying biometrics completed on 25th july, but I didnt recived any correspondsence letter for that. till now for todays date no updates were given by cpc edmonton (if you applied online then your file carriage is in cpc edmonton), still waiting for my final decision.
send a email to their official ID (CPC Edmonton) or fax them! It works sometimes. :)


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Jul 14, 2019
Visa Office......
New Delhi
App. Filed.......
25 May 2019
I can feel how are you feeling right now.
Did you get any reply from web forms? I can help you out
Just remember.. "Bhagwan k ghar der h, andher nhi"
I did not get any response of email or webform. I sent 3 webform and 3 emails.