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Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by email.6633, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. All I can say I did it at Ambassador Bridge myself for my wife ( PR ).

    I did export with car's Title on her name and the officer just asked my US passport and I had with me all emails related to 72 hours notice. No question asked about owner of the car ( my wife who was already in Canada and was not able to enter USA to do the export). It took 10 minutes and at the end I got the Title stamped, left the office and proceeded on this car to over the bridge to Canadian side to do import. There I went to Canadian Immigration office with all Canadian paperwork - stamped title, RIV form, and a copy of Goods to follow form. Another 15-20 minutes, again no any objections to import the car by relative, filled all paperwork and that's it. Next day went to local Service Canada office to get car registered/plated in Ontario. This time, of course, they spoke "only" with car owner - my wife (PR). Her Canadian DL, proof of Canadian insurance, filled RIV and Immigration forms, stamped Title - and got registration and plate.
  2. thank you. How to create ACE account ?


    is this the right page to get started ?
  3. Next day? As far as I know you need to get RIV inspection and SAFETY STANDARDS inspection - BOTH - to get a license plate and a license plate sticker - you managed all that in a day? I am not challenging your post - just trying to understand :)
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  5. Sorry, it was not "Next day". The same day I went to RIV inspection to local Canadian Tire and told that car needs modification - daytime running lights. I went to local Mercedes dealership (2014 GLK250) and vehicle spent 2!!! days there, since they could not download/install software without direct Germany help. After that fix (~$300CAD), went again to get RIV inspection done AND went back to dealership to get Safety Inspection done ( all local shops were busy and asked for an appointment, but Mercedes did it, just for double price ~ $180CAD).

    Yes, it was not "Next day", but on day 3 got a license plate and a license plate sticker. The side effect of daytime running lights fix the car (my spouse's car - she is the PR, we did a Title transfer in advance from me the Sponsor to her name to avoid duty fee) now shows temperature in C only, rather than in F as before.
  6. Many thanks. I just didn't want people reading this thread to miss any step or detail. BOTH (RIV and Safety) inspections are needed to register a car, get a license plate and a license place sticker. RIV inspection is free since you'd have already paid $350CAD to RIV per car for import. RIV inspection can only be conducted at certain places. Safety inspection will cost anywhere between $90-130CAD and can be conducted anywhere (not regulated by RIV).
  7. Hi do I need Ontario address proof to get Ontario DL ?
    And how long does it take to get your vehicle registered from the day you crossed border and have your stamped from 1 in hand?
    Can I get everything done in a week ? which includes submitting form1 and Recall certificate to RIV, paying the fee. GETTING INSPECTIONS DONE, shopping for insurance, Getting Ontario DL ?
  8. Depends upon how fast you move - the only hurdle is the label coming from RIV in the mail which takes 5-6 days.
    Here's a hypothetical plan:
    Day 1/2 - (a) Form 1 stamped (b) pay RIV fees online (c) Go get Canadian DL*
    Day 2/3 - (a) Receive Form 3 from RIV online (b) Get Safety inspection done** (c) finalize insurance
    Day 3/4 - (a) Get RIV inspection done*** (b) buy insurance

    Now you can register your car.!
    *assuming you have all paperwork for this
    **36 day clock starts. If not registered within 36 days, need to get vehicle re-inspected for safety.
    ***Be aware - you need Daytime running lights on the vehicle. Even Safety inspection will fail if you do not have DRLs.
  9. Thanku for details. Everything else makes sense , the only thing I'm not familiar or haven't heard of is "label from RIV". At what stage this is required and is there any way to get it faster. I'm on a tight schedule. Need to fly out of canada as soon as I can due to family commitments. So in order to book air tickets ,i need to know the timeline.
  10. Safety inspection MIGHT look for it to be present on the car, else no one cares.
  11. You won't need it for registration of Car. If a cop decides to pull you over and if that cop has nothing else in the world to do then this label might get checked.
  12. Hi, sorry I've got a question about how long can you wait till getting your car inspected. I will import my car to Canada in July but have to leave the country for a month before coming back in August and after coming back it might take me a while to get my lease agreement to exchange my plate. Is this fine? I know there is a 45 day deadline but I am not sure. Your help is much appreciated, thanks!
  13. Hi All,

    Need help to understand the process to get corporate information to apply for the ACE account.

    1. I have reached the link for ACE account(https://ace.cbp.dhs.gov/acexpub/acexpub_Apps/ExporterAccountApplication/expForm.php) to fill in the details to get ACE account but i am not sure how to get the EIN details.

    Any help is much appreciated. I know this is a duplicate query but i could not find the original thread for this question.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. Can you please help me this process.
  15. Getting an EIN is a fully online process and takes less than 5 minutes. Basically, on the IRS website, use your SSN number and register as an "Employee" using your first and last name. If you have a specific query, let me know.

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