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Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by email.6633, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. I was successfully export the vehicle from USA and import it in Canada. I have to give a heads up that it is a tedious task, but achievable. I am giving steps in details. Please make a note that I am providing the steps for crossing over the NewYork to Ontario. Other borders in the middle and west, there may be a slight change in the process. But 90% will remain the same.

    Please read through each step. Each steps are very important. Do not miss anything. This is not an official version. I am just trying to help out people. Please do go through the official documentations which I have mentioned below.

    1. The vehicle should not have any vehicle loan(lien). Basically you need to have the title in hand. If you have the loan, then you need to have the letter from the bank/institution that you are allowed to export the car and cross the border.

    2. The vehicle should not have any open Recalls. All the recalls should be cleared before we export. Email your vehicle manufacturer to provide a letter stating that this car is cleared from all recalls and this car is compliant with Canadian safety and compliance standards. In case you have any open recalls, go to manufacturer, get it fixed. Then wait for one day. Contact the manufacturer again to get the recall clearance letter.

    3. Once the manufacturer sends this letter, email them to RIV recall@support.riv.ca. They will confirm in a day or 2 that they have accepted the same and the car is cleared for import.

    4. You can get the importers checklist by navigating to this website and provide the details of your car. riv.ca/ImporterChecklist.aspx

    5. Email the border customs office on both USA and Canada sides to get the information. It is very important to do it because they will let you know in case anything has changed.

    Not every bridge allows exporting the vehicle. In NewYork state, only Queenston-Lewiston bridge allows exporting the vehicle.

    6. You need to register in AES direct website and get the ITN number. The details will be mentioned in the email which the customs team send to you. It is a simple form. But since I didn’t had the time, I contacted one agent to get it done. I had to pay around 100$ to get it done. You have to provide the border crossing date when you fill in the form. If any details change, please update it before you cross the border.

    7. Send the ITN number, VIN number to BUFFALOVINNYOFFICE@DHS.GOV 72 hours before crossing the border. This is very important. If it is not met, you will not be able to export the vehicle.

    8. The border can be crossed only during the weekdays 8am-4pm. You have to go to Queenston Lewiston bridge on US side and look for customs office and check for Vehicle export office.

    9. Give the title, ITN details, email proof etc. Please keep your legal presence proof in USA. For e.g. valid i797A document for H1B holders. They specifically asked me for my legal presence document.

    10. They will put a seal in the title and will handover the title.

    11. Cross the border (do not drive back to USA). Once you reach Canada side, please inform them that you are exporting the car. They will ask you to park the car near in the parking lot and carry all the documents inside the office.

    12. Please visit the office, complete the landing procedures. For car export, provide them the title and copr. Fill in the FORM-1 (Auto import form for Canada). They will put a seal in Form 1 and will give it back to you. They will also give one blue color paper (invoice). Please keep these 2 documents with you. It is very important.

    13. Go to RIV website, provide the number which is given in the Form 1, and make the payment. It is around 350$.

    14. Once you take an apartment in Canada, you will get your lease agreement. Go to driving test office and transfer your license.

    15. Take the car for Canada safety inspection and RIV inspection. Better to take appointment because of long wait period. The RIV inspection is free since you already pay directly to RIV (included in 350$). But safety inspection is something which you have to pay. In Canadian tire, it was 130$. But I was able to get it done from another shop for 60$.

    16. Search for auto insurance. Get one before you register the car.

    17. Once you have both the documents ready, go to Service Ontario and get the car registered. You need to give Title, Your Ontario DL, Safety clearance, Form 1, Application form, proof of insurance.

    18. They will register the car and will give the new number plates.

    19. Send the old number plate back to US, your state DMV. Disconnect the US insurance after this.

    All official details can be found in this website.
  2. Given below is the email from US border when you try to contact them:

    Vehicle Export Information

    Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are closed on all U.S. Federal holidays.

    The Lewiston Bridge is the only place to export a vehicle in Western New York

    As of October 3, 2014 all self-propelled vehicles must be filed in AES regardless of value or country of destination or purpose (personal or business).

    See the following informational link from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website


    **To start your 72 hours for vehicle exportation

    (And be in compliance with 15CFR 30.2 (a) (1) (iv) (H))

    ü File AES and obtain an ITN (Internal Transaction No). https://aesdirect.census.gov/

    (Your ITN is a system generated, 15 digit combination of numbers and letters beginning with X2016, for example X20160924963700).

    (for assistance with filing Electronic Export Information (EEI), contact the Census Regulations staff at 1-800-549-0595, option 3 or via email at ftdregs@census.gov). Census has posted the following link to their website: http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/aes/index.html

    ü Email the BUFFALOVINNYOFFICE@DHS.GOV with your ITN, VIN number

    Your vehicle will not be able to be exported until the above criteria has been met!

    Vehicles for export may not be brought to Canada or be in Canada prior to being formally exported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Failure to comply with the requirements set forth in 19 CFR 192.2 may result in a penalty action.

    ** Things required at time of vehicle export:

    ü The vehicle to be exported.

    ü Your ITN number (AES must contain the correct information, i.e. VIN, etc.)

    ü Original title. Vehicles that have no title, (for example: snowmobiles, ATV’s, backhoes, forklifts) must present a registration and/or ORIGINAL bill of sale. If there is no Title for construction equipment or a vehicle that has no Title (ex: snowmobiles, ATV’s, backhoes, construction equipment, forklifts, etc) – then you must present an Invoice with an original signature from the seller. This requirement varies from state to state. It is your responsibility to determine what that state’s ownership requirements are. Vehicles with active liens need a certified copy of the title (see below).

    ü WHTI compliant identification for yourself and all parties with you. Please refer to the following website for information on WHTI compliant identification: http://www.getyouhome.gov/

    ü Where title evidences third-party ownership/claims. If vehicle is leased or a recorded lien exists in the U.S, the provisional owner must provide to Customs a separate writing from the third-party-in-interest which specifically states that the vehicle may be permanently exported. This writing must be on the third-party's letterhead paper, and contain a complete description of the vehicle including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the name of the owner or lienholder of the leased vehicle, and the telephone numbers at which that owner or lienholder may be contacted. The writing must bear an original signature of the third-party and state the date it was signed. In addition, vehicles with active liens need a certified copy of the title.

    ü This printed, e-mail confirmation including your original message to CBP.

    ** US Customs Brokers offering AES filing




    (518) 298-8000


    (610) 521-1450

    ***Please see additional listings on CBP.GOV

    Additional information can be obtained via the Vehicle Export information line (716)843-8359.

    All questions must be directed to buffalovinnyoffice@dhs.gov


    Thank you,

    United States Customs and Border Protection

    Vehicle Export Office

    1 Lewiston Plaza

    Lewiston N.Y.

  3. Please make a note that your US insurance is not covered as soon as you enter Canada. They have specifically mentioned that they are covered only during the visit in Canada. But not if you are moving to Canada. Hence please talk to them before you travel. Secondly try to get Canadian insurance before you cross the border.
  4. Question. Can I take two cars ( both on my name) and then register one car in my fiance's name in Canada or register in both of our names? he already resides in Canada as a PR. I am doing my landing.

  5. Any suggestions (for ontario)? My USA insurance is 95$ and when I tried to get a quote from state farm in Canada whoopppp $378.64

  6. Makes my life 80% easier. Thank you!
  7. The rules and policy on the coverage validity will depend on the insurance agency you are with and the place in Canada you are going to.

    I was with State farm and upon asking them about the coverage, I was told that I will be covered in the entire state of Ontario. I had clearly mentioned it to them that I will be moving to Canada and my intention was to export the car to Canada.

    However, in my case, I ended up selling my car in the US (had kept the insurance going as my lien release was yet to be delivered at the dealership from the bank) and rented a car until I found one here in Ontario. During the period I was using a rental car, I was covered by my US insurance.

    In any case, I agree that one must get these things clarified before crossing the border. But some insurances may be able to provide you the coverage temporarily until you get by the insurance in Canada.
  8. I think so... There is no restrictions. But please mention that during your landing.

    Also, I would call the Canada customs office at Lewiston Queenston bridge before I do the paperwork. they are helpful.

  9. Did you transfer the US license to Canada? Once you do that, then you can get the drivers history from Service Ontario.
    Call the loyalty department of the auto insurance department and talk. But yes, mine bumped up from 65 to 250$ when i moved from US to Canada.

  10. May be. GEICO doesn't cover when you make the move.

  11. Make sure that both cars are listed in goods to follow. If you are just doing soft landing, and plan to export later, better avoid taking the car for soft landing. They give you hard time if you go with your car for soft landing as it won't be ready for export.

    Also no need mention about registration plans to cbsa.
  12. How much was loyalty Dept able to get discount for?
  13. Slightly off topic but I couldn't find any other relevant thread.

    I would be moving to Ontario from USA on a work Permit. Do I really need to export it? I read on RIV site that people on work permit can bring their cars and those are exempt from Duty. Still deciding if its worth taking the car to Canada or just sell here and buy new in Canada. Biggest benefit of taking car is that I would have a car from day 1 instead of a few months if buying new (No credit history in Canada etc).

    Any advice would be appreciated :)
  14. I was on Work Permit in Canada for 13 months. I moved my Car from USA to Canada and brought it back to USA.

    No. You do not need to export from USA. You will "temporarily" import car in Canada. You will be exempt from duty. Do remember to keep a scanned copy of your title. In Canada their is no concept of title and Canadian DMV/SAAQ will take registration + title and will give you only CA registration.
    Scanned copy of title will help you in proving Car ownership while returning back to USA. I only had Car purchase documents to prove Car ownership.
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  15. Thanks, so you just drove to the Canadian border or did you also had to give a 72 hours heads up to them?

    And Yes I have scanned my Car's Title :)

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