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Start up visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Danny8965, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. hey guys , I just wonder if anyone interested in the startup visa program ? Or had an experience to share ? Any good business incubator to recommend from the list ? I’m working with my business partner to prepare to apply for some incubators for our startup company ..
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  2. No, but, I . intend to apply. I wonder why does it have so less press and popularity. Please, keep us updated about the proceeding. Thanks
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  4. Possibly due the investment criteria and funds given the vast majority of immigrants simply do not have the resources available to go that route so Canada focuses on the majority not the minority with the funds and skills for the startup program
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    It's just not the funds or even the idea. The applicant must demonstrate an innovative idea (in the tech sector) backed by early traction or revenue, possess IP protection and have strong referrals or personal relationship with the designated entity. If you have just the money but lack innovation, then the provincial investment route is a better fit.

    Most designated entities will not entertain cold-calls or applications through their websites - for the very same reason most of us will not respond to random strangers asking for investment or acceptance into your establishment.
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  6. Hi,
    does anyone know how long the processing time takes? I am eligible for BC PNP (paper based), and also, I have the letter of support for my startup company. I know BC PNP takes almost 18 months, but I could not find anything for startup visa program. Which way is faster?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.
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  7. Start-up visa is way faster. If you're the only primary applicant, the processing time is around 3-4 months, and up to 6 months if your venture has multiple essential applicants.
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  8. Thank you very much for your response. Great Information for me. Have you had this experience? Or a friend of yours has had this experience?
  9. I was interacting with a designated entity recently, and they informed me about the timelines based on their past experience after issuing letters of support.
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  10. I think process time takes longer. We applied 7 months ago and there are no any missing docs. Just last 4 months still we are waiting for final decision. I think Nowadays Canada gets a lot of request for any kind of VISA. They are so busy. What do you, think?

    In addition before the applied we spend almost a year for just support letter.
  11. Can i sponsor my family members to get the immigration based on my bussiness visa? And two of them are above 22 years so can they be added to the family list for immigration or only spouse and dependant child are allowed?
  12. Only your spouse and dependent children can be included.
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    I just quoted what a designated entity told me first-hand above processing times.

    It also depends on how many applicants are involved. It's the fastest when there's a sole founder without family. That's followed by a sole founder with their dependents, and lastly, multiple essential applicants with their dependents take a longer time to process.

    Moreover, the Start-up visa process is ever evolving. There have been four changes to the rules already since the pilot was formulated. Some applications which have to undergo a peer review will take longer processing times. Processing times should stabilize once the SUV program becomes permanent from the next month.

    Yes, the initial time required for letter of support is around 6-7 months from the time of the contact with the designated entity. 1 year is a bit long, but it's in the ballpark alright.
  14. Hi all,

    I'm in the process of building a robust business plan/pitch for a start up with a couple of peers (we don't have an up and running business for this yet).

    Can anyone please share some advice and/or experiences that can help us get through a successful application? (let alone processing times, as we're in the pre/application stage right now.

    Yes, our idea has to do with technology/internet-based solution, and it seems we'd have a good chance in the Canadian market.

    Thank you!
  15. I have been recently accepted into one of the incubator programs after interview and supposed to take a intensive course of 2 weeks. Does it take a lot of time to get the letter of support as the business is very serious in need to get into market soon.
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