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Spouse Open Work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ashub, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hi fellas ,
    I’m Canadian Citizen working in NOC -B category. I recently got married in January 2019 and my wife is in India.
    I was wondering if she’s eligible for an Open work permit while PR application is in process? Please advice.
  2. My wife’s visa has same thing they mentioned after that I requested for case notes and i case note they mentioned your and your wife name is hide on mc and i am not satisfied from your marriage.
  3. Yes, she can apply for open work permit even if her profile is under process for PR
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  4. So are you reapplying again? What are you going to do?
  5. what documents should i submit with the application ?
  6. What was the reason for 205(c)(ii) regulations refusal?
  7. Hi,

    I recently applied for the Common law inland permanent Immigration with the Open work permit attached with all the application fees paid for the OWP + PR while being on the post-graduate work permit in Canada which is expiring this April 11th. I have two Questions here:
    1.) Since I already sent my application and it has been received April 5th, I am entering Implied status, right? that means I still Continue to be on the Open Work permit and Continue Working?
    2.) How long is the validity of OWP usually issued under Common law Indland?

    good luck on your applications all!!
  8. I was approved as spousal open work permit here in philippines last march. But im a little bit confused if do i have to get a pdos or a oec? Because im nervous at immigration. Does anyone knows here what are the documents needed by the immigration officer as a SOWP?
  9. Along with general documents of work permit provide that she is a wife of Canadian Citizen , so she is elegible for open work permit. She has to go for biometrics even if she has given it for PR file.
  10. Anyone applied january 15 and got approval?
  11. Hello everyone,
    My situation: I am currently in India with a very recently approved OWP, My wife is in Canada on a study permit.
    Want to take daughter (who is 9) to Canada with me. I have seen the discussion in this group and concluded that my daughter would be needing a study permit.

    How did you fill up the Custodian forms? My daughter would be staying with us and we are neither Canadian Citizens nor Permanent Residents.
  12. You daughter have visa for Canada ?
  13. Ask your wife to call CIC from here in Canada, it’s easier to talk to them here by phone and they can answer all your questions, call at 5.57 AM eastern time
  14. Hello all,
    Hope you all are doing well.
    I have a question regarding SOWP.
    I applied for my wife SOWP inside Canada while she was on visitor visa.
    We applied on 3rd January and It got approved on 5th April. However, when we received her work permit, there is a condition in it as She can not work in Child care or health related field. As well as they mentioned in remarks that she must undergo immigration medical exam within 30 days. Forms sent separately.
    My question is,We had submitted her Medical exam while we applied for work permit so why there is condition to not work in child care and health related field. As well as What should I do to remove those condition/
    Please provide your feedback.
    Thank you in advance.

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