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Spouse Open Work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ashub, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone

    I have just completed my studies in Canada. I am going to apply for my PGWP as i got a job also in same field of studies but I am married, so I am thinking to apply for my wife's Visitor visa with it also. Is it good idea or not?

    I have already applied for her Visitor visa twice but rejected. Reasons were family ties in country of residance and in Canada, and Purpose of visit, only 2 reasons.

    Please Advise that is it good that if i file for her visit visa with my PGWP application at the same time.

    Thank You
  2. Hi guys,
    I have applied for Spouse open work permit on July 15th online and She also did her medical on Aug 12th and also we uploaded the medical in IRCC Webform and I am guessing our visa office is New Delhi since then there is no update at all not even her medical is not updated in the application area. I hope to hear suggestion from seniors in this group.:)
  3. any update
  4. No
    nd ur?
  5. not yet:(
  6. Any Updates regarding SOWP , applied in June-July 2017 from India?
  7. Please post your updates who applied inside Canada
  8. hi cab you tell me from where did you applied inside canada
  9. I am actually on Post Graduate Work permit in Canada and My wife is in India
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  10. Did you get medical request?
    And this is first time u applied for your wife?
  11. You can send an inquiry using the webform, but they won't reply if the application is still under processing time. It is really frustrating, but waiting is all we can do.
  12. Go for SWOP. Since your wife is a student you will have to show enough funds and make sure that her study permit is not expiring anytime soon. Calculate the processing time and what her status will be by end of the process time. They can reject your visa if her study permit is expiring by the time your SOWP is processed. There is really good info in this thread, go back to 2015 applications and read all the comments, you will find valuable info.
  13. No, I didn't but It is necessary to do it because you are applying for Spouse Open Work Permit for more than 6 months from designated countries(INDIA) and It is the first time I applied for my wife.
  14. Any update
  15. No

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