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Spouse Open Work Permit - Online Application - Approved (Timeline)

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by sarkris12, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Just sharing my timeline for SOWP application

    Online Application - on 30.12.2014 ( Applied within Canada while spouse in India)
    Spouse has 2 previous visa rejections both student and visitor.No representative was used

    Medical Request- on Jan 10th 2015
    Medical Passed Medicals Done - on Jan 20th
    Medicals Passed - on February 4th 2015
    Passport Request - February 15th
    Passport Submitted - February 19th
    Visa Approval - February 26th

    The Application was petty simple, uploaded the required forms - added additional documents as a single
    pdf at the explanation letter tab (both mine and husbands)

    i hope this helps someone out there
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  2. Hello

    I received my letter of acceptance from a designated school. I applied for a study permit from outside of Canada and along I applied for a work permit for my spouse. I gave everything they asked for. Today I received a correspondence letter indicating that my spouse work permit has been refused on the ground of: "Accompanying dependant of refused principal applicant".
    Should I have applied separately or should I have applied for the study permit first then after obtaining it apply for the work permit?

    Kindly advise
  3. "Accompanying dependant of refused principal applicant" - Did your application get refused? or did you get a visa - form what i can read your spouses in eligibility is due to your application being refused
  4. Hi can you tell me that Did you applied online to new Delhi embassy ? Application for work permit made outside of canada?
  5. Hey guys i applied for a spousal open work permit again for the 3rd time now..gt rejected twice for invalid reasons...this time my husband applied from canada itself through his lawyer...its an online application this time...hoping for a positive reply...I have no idea about the online processing procedure...can anybody help me out with it?
  6. Hi..

    Even I applied visa for the third time and it's online.. We applied through lawyer this time..
  7. Hey heema when did u apply?? What date? N whats the status as of now?
  8. Hi

    applicant outside Canada.
    TRV rejected 4 month ago.

    8th MAR- SOWP Application has been submitted.
    11th MAR - additional information has been requested (IMM5645E). I have uploaded in same day. Please note that there is no direct request for IMM5645E
    I will share my next event

    Wish me luck !!
  9. Hey Nasa2n2 all the best... keep us updated... Did u apply online?
  10. Thanks P3 ! And good luck with your application.
    Yes, online application.
  11. Thank u Nasa2n2... Hey i just wanted to know when we get a passport request where are we suppose to submit it?
  12. Hello,

    Congratulations !!!

    I'm planning to apply for a SOWP for my wife as her TRV got rejected.

    Could you please help me out with the procedure and the required documents.


  13. you will receive detailed letter explaining what you should do next. Normally you have to options Via mail or In person , my advice is to go in person. I have received this kind of message 1.5 yrs ago , took less than 5 minute.
  14. Yes i will do it in person but do i have to submit at the Vfs Mumbai? Im a little confused as my husband has applied it online from canada

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