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Spouse lives in US, need to renew CDN PR card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Roni07, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. I'm CDN citizen, my wife is US citizen and has a PR card that expires in March 2020, we both live in the US.
    my wife's PR card is coming up fr renewal, can you tell me where we need to go to apply for renewal and what type of documents we need to provide ?
    I hope CDN Immigration won't give us a hard time renewing, since we live in US. I was told as long as we live together, she should be fine. Anyone who's gone through this, please share. Thanks
  2. You are maybe getting confused between your wife maintaining permanent residence status as she lives with you, a Canadian citizen outside of Canada and having a valid PR card.

    You cannot apply to renew a PR card outside of Canada, see here:

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    Ouch ! PR card can only be issued and mailed in Canada ! So she an maintain PR status but need ca rd renewed. I wonder if I can have immigration mail it to my old landlord's address and he an mail it to me. It does say that there is an option of picking up card in immigration office in Canada-don't know how exactly that would work. we can fly in and pick it up.
    I don't want my wife to lose her PR status, is there a way we can tell CDN immigration that she is living here with me in the US ?
  4. If she is a US resident she doesn’t need the PR card she can enter on her US status. PR card and PR status are 2 different things. Yes you would likely have to come to Canada to submit the medication and pick up the card. Why do you want the card? It makes no difference for a US citizen living in the US.
  5. She wants to have the PR Card. its a physical document that makes her feel better having. The PR status is a virtual thing that we can't see or feel.
  6. She needs to return to Canada and then apply for a PR card with some evidence of established residence and then stay in Canada while it is processing. I hope she knows that the card itself is meaningless. She needs to maintain residence obligation in order to keep the PR. Currently she is only eligible because she is accompanying a Canadian Citizen spouse abroad.
  7. You will have to anticipate making two separate trips one to mail the application and likely to pick it up when it has been approved.
  8. Can I have the renewal mailed in Canada and then sent to my old landlords address for me to pick up? or does it have to be picked up at an immigration center in Canada ?
  9. People who apply while living abroad are generally required to go in person to pick up the card.
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