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Spouse and child sponsoring from Philiplines

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by jim dandy, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. im a Permanent Resident. What are the requirements to sponsor my wife and my 7months old baby from philippines? Need help Please.
  2. Kung na declare mo sila sa application mo at nag medical din sila wala kang problema basta attached mo lahat ng requirements
  3. Nung pag dating ko sa Canada po last aug 2015 i was single that time. then last 2017 nag ka GF po ako after nun umuwi ako June 2018.. then nka buntis po ako. bumalik ako sa canada nov 2018 tapos umuwi na naman ako sa march 2019 kasi yun yung kapanganakan ng baby namin at nung April 2019 pina register ko po yung bata under my name pero nasa birth nya po is Not Married kasi di papo kami kasal nang partner ko po that time. tapos last aug 28 2019 kinasal po kami at kakabalik ko lang po this month.. plano ko po e sponsor sila. question no.1 ko po Okaay lang ba na. hindi PSA copy yung marriage contract since bago pa kami kinasal.. question 2 okaay land din po ba na Not Married yung naka lagay sa Birth nung baby namin at Hindi rin PSA copy? Please help po.
  4. Ayon sa country specific requirements kailangan talaga PSA ang marriage at birth certificate ....kailangan mo siguro mag antay hanggang sa magkaroon ng copy ang PSA
  5. eh Pano kung yung Birth ni baby is PSA copy kaso yung nakalagay samin dun ng misis ko is Not married.. Pero naka apelyido sakin yung bata.. Okaay na po ba yun?
  6. You are limiting the amount of people that can help you by not posting in English
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  7. I don't see any problem with that don't worry it should be ok
  8. I think only Filipinos use their native tongue on CanadaVisa forums, many English people would like to participate in the thread,,, the question was asked in English but then everybody answers in Tagalog, why? I think their should be a rule about using another language on CV. You could also practice your English before you go to Canada;)

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