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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. 30+ days
  2. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone! So my medical has been recieved by cic. How will i know i have cleared it. Also how soon will my file be transferred because we've provided CPC-M all the requested documents
  4. did u attached your file with GCKey? if not then attached your file with GCKey following their instruction how to do it and then once you registered you will see the update about your medical, if received or cleared or not. Good luck!
  5. Its in LVO and they sent me this letter. Yeah i already emailed but didnt attach the letter with it what dobi do now?
  6. I am gonna send in two days
  7. always remember that if you are corresponding with anyone, always send them the original letter/email as a reference to your reply/inquiry. bring up the email you just sent them .. REPLY ALL .. write in the subject .. URGENT *REVISED* (rest of your email subject line) .. In the body, write that you missed attaching the letter/email you received from LVO in regards to not completing the medical exam.

    Now, hopefully, you did explain them them situation in your first email, if not, write a little paragraph again ..

    send off the email .. make sure you revise the email before sendin it .. make sure all attachments are attached properly ..open them to make sure ..
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  8. how long exactly did you say you had to reply back? you are panicking about refusal even before you have sent them a reply .. at least send them a reply first and then worry about all this .. like i have said before, make sure you explain to them how it all happened. make sure it doesn't sound fake .. that it's clear and they can follow it and even if they do end up calling the place where you got the certificate from, they will tell them the exact story ..
  9. Happy New Year everyone!!

    I have a question regarding potential rishta for my younger brother in Pakistan. The girl's family wants to come to Pakistan only for two weeks and do Nikkah only sponsorship. Its second marriage for the girl and she is six years older than my brother.

    Will it be possible to do Nikkah only case in this situation or will this be recipe for disaster. Thank you all for help in advance!

  10. Read all the posts in this thread and you will find out what are the requirements of Immigration,
    Just fulfill the requirements of Immigration, NIkkah and Rukhsati is what they stress always.

    Its better you make pictures and documents lists which they mostly ask, and then make the marriage,
    otherwise it wll be a tough road.
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  11. Since we have a representative we can't link the the account ourself. Waiting for the holidays to end so we can ask her.
  12. Try ecas as well You can check some update on your own as well.
  13. I am gonna make a document from goverenments telling from when these certificates started to be made.it will be super strong to convince them.They asked me to reply in 30 days and I will send in 16 days
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  14. Nikkah only cases take a long time to process .. they question why only nikkah and no rukhsakti? on top of that, the girl is older than your brother and 2nd marriage .. all red flags ..

    Solution? Rukhsakti .. a small honey moon .. take lots of pictures .. save receipts of every hotel, etc they go to and places they visit .. if they go out for dinner, lunch, etc .. take pictures ..

    yes 2 weeks are less, but you can do a lot in 14 days .. plan it out .. every min of that stay ..

    after the girl leaves, start saving whatsapp communication chats .. save call logs .. take pictures while on the phone (screen shots) .. this will be your communication proof that your brother will need to attach to the application .. there is a whole list of what needs to be attached ..download the forms and start going through them .. there is a checklist .. that tells a lot in detail .. if you don't understand something, then ask here ..

    my post should help you get started atleast .
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  15. Happy New Year everyone!
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