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Spousal Landing in Quebec Without CSQ allowed?


May 14, 2019
CBSA officers have a lot of discretion. There's no "being held accountable" in question. It's all about the fact that Quebec has a certain amount of control in the immigration process, unlike the other provinces. I've provided all the information that I have.
Hi Zardoz,

Need your inputs on the below. We have a plan to travel to Montreal(Quebec via road) when i had my Visiting Visa. However, i got my COPR in meanwhile and now, i have to land in Montreal if i do not have to cancel our Trip.
However, my COPR has city of destination as Toronto, Ontario.

I have read in various forums saying that except Quebec we can land in any other province( Does this rule holds good even if we are landing via road). We are staying in New jersey now, planning to drive and land in Montreal. Would that be fine or is it safe to land in Ontario only( i mean other than Quebec).

Please let us know your advice.

Thanks in advance