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Sponsership father H & C grounds

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by joss, Jun 6, 2019.

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    I have question about sponsoring my father . My mother passed away. He is by himself in my home country.
    he is 72 years old. He do not have any major health issues but problem with mobility because of knee surgery.
    My brother lives in USA , he cannot sponsor him until he becomes citizen which will take 5 years.
    My father has no other family back in my home country. He is getting older. I am married and have two kids.
    If he come here he will get chance to live with family.

    Please advise me if I can sponsor my father on H and C grounds.
    How long is the process. Can he come and live with us while the process is in place?
    He visited us once on visitor visa.

  2. H&C is not supposed to replace not being selected for PGP. Yes technically he can apply for H&C. The process could take 2-3 years. Many parents get refused because people file for H&C when they don’t get selected for PGP. If he gets refused he will struggle to visit Canada again.
  3. Just looked at your previous posts and you haven’t been in Canada long enough to even qualify for PGP, you didn’t meet your initial RO and the sponsored your son when you weren’t compliant with your RO. Not sure why you feel you should constantly get preferential treatment. You should be looking to apply for PGP like the other 80K people.
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  4. Your father can only apply for H&C if he is already in Canada. He will need to obtain a TRV to come to Canada. To be approved for a TRV, he will need to show that he has strong ties to his home country and has no plans on remaining in Canada long term. If you decide to bring him here on a TRV, make sure you purchase private health insurance to cover your father for emergencies (you will have to pay for any non emergency care or care for pre-existing conditions out of your own pocket). It will be a long time before he qualifies for any health care coverage from the province.
  5. Thanks for your response. MY RO got cleared. My son got his PR . I been here for 2 years and working full time in fortune 500 company.
  6. Working for a fortune 500 company is not at all relevant on whether you can apply, or whether your situation even applies for your father to be eligible for consideration in the H & C category. You can apply with everyone else in the P & G category when you are eligible, that is why there are rules
  7. Yes you got special exemption because of H&C reason. You were working in the US. I highly doubt you couldn’t have moved right after you received PR. You likely waited and tried to move at the last minute but then had medical issues. Luckily you were approved but others have been denied because they waited until the last minute to move to Canada and then couldn’t. Had you applied for prtd and not gone to the border the results may have been different. You have been living in Canada for 2 years. You haven’t even qualified for PGP yet. There were 80000 people who didn’t get picked for PGP. There are likely more PRs who didn’t qualify for PGP, like your family, so couldn’t apply this year. Most are in similar situations to you. There is a PGP program for sponsoring parents. Not sure why you keep thinking you deserve special consideration.
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  8. Unfortunate fact that everyone who emigrates to Canada ends up leaving family members behind as the price for immigration. The 80000 plus wanting PGP sponsorships are probably only a small fraction of those who might think about applying so they in the end give up and apply for super visas which give up to 2 years stay for up to 10 years.

    Realistically at the age that most parents/grandparents tend to be at many people find super visa meets their needs versus the lottery that is a PGP that may never succeed yet parents/ grandparents are still getting much older and more dependant in the mean time. Whilst a super visa is not guaranteed it at least gives relatives the opportunity for extended stays with any grand children . Too many people it seems bank on when they get their PR they can bring along the rest of the family from their home country, unfortunately it just does not work that way.
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  9. I never ever single time mentioned about "SPECIAL TREATMENT". Why you keep on saying it. I asked simple question weather I can apply or not. Answering your remaining questions , how can you judge that I did not move to Canada earlier because I was working and blah blah. you dont know my story . When you lost all your close family members in 1 year, then you will feel the pain. It is not about luck it is about being truthful. I been to border multiple times , I always explained them my situation truthfully, never had problem single time. It feels like you dont like why they approved my PR and my son's PR based on my real H and C grounds.
  10. Planning on applying for H&C for your father versus waiting for PGP like everyone else is special treatment. I am sorry about your loss but CBSA is notoriously more generous than IRCC. For you first 2-3 years of PR you were living a normal life in the uS. People only commit to moving to Canada until they risk losing their PR but the unexpected things do happen. We see it continuously on this forum.
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  11. H & C is very extra ordinary circumstances, such as what you went thru . What’s so extraordinary in needing your father here that he should be able to jump over the P&G program set up by the government ? From what you posted , nothing
  12. This is just a public forum where you came for input from fellow members of the public who are not professional immigration experts. The feedback they have given based on your input was provided in good faith based on others who have posted similar questions about H&C.

    You can take or leave the feedback but if you are really serious about pursuing this course of action it is time to employ an immigration lawyer not a Public forum where whilst forum members might sympathise ( or not) with your situation/ background it is time for professional advice to help with your application. Good luck.

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