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Sowp approval

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Gayatriwilb, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I am currently in Canada on temporary resudent Visa (TRV). My husband is working here on work permit job category 0,A,B. I have applied for open work permit (Sowp) on Feb 15th and waiting for approval. Experts please help me by telling me the approximate processing time for my application. I
  2. My spouse applied December 16, 2018. Just got approved today. Biometrics submitted and received December 21, 2018. (from France)
  3. Surprisingly my spouse's SOWP just got approved in 2 weeks when it said the processing time was 11 weeks at the time we submitted it. Applied online from India.
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  4. hi there, May I ask how much is the show money you needed for this?
  5. Hello, can someone tell me about the current timeline of SOWP india. I applied for my wife, she is in India.


    Also is there any way I can check the status of application from my end as I applied with the agent and he said not to link the application with gckey. He already linked it, is there any way I can see the updates.
  6. Its your right bro just ask for gc key username and password thats all you paid you have right to see or u can ask after when it will be up normal processing time
  7. Hi guys.

    Really in need of help here. I am currently working in Canada under PGWP and want to apply for SOWP this November (coz getting married in November). I went through all the forums and websites to get a checklist of documents. I have some doubts/questions in some of the particular documents that we need to submit.

    My document (sponsor) :
    1) Job reference letter - So I am a Software developer, working for the Government of Canada and it's a bit tough to get any written employment reference letter from them. And since I am not a permanent employee yet, all my records are term based. Like my current term ends on April 2020 and it will be renewed again after that. So the problem is, there is no document or whatsoever that mentions that my term will get extended after April 2020 and I cannot make my employer give that in written right now. So in this case, what kind of letter should I submit, which will prove my NOC as well not lead to any rejection coz of this term thing?

    2) Proof of funds - I see different numbers in different forums and website. What is an ideal amount? Like 5-6k CAD in my account and 10-12k CAD in my spouse's account back in India, is it fine enough?

    Thanks in advance. Stuck in a very odd situation here..

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