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Soft Landing in Montreal

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Guy293, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    so I booked a flight to Toronto to make my soft landing, and I have a 5 hours layover in Montreal.
    Does that mean I HAVE to do the landing process in Montreal?
    If yes, can I get SIN there too?

  2. You must complete your landing and clear customs at the first POE into Canada so Montreal. Be prepared to show that you have onward travel to Toronto else CBSA could refuse to land you. Cannot answer on the SIN at Montreal but that will be easy enough to get once in Toronto although as you will be arriving on a domestic flight probably not at the airport.
  3. What Bs65 said.

    You MUST declare PR in Montreal as you will be arriving at the international terminal.

    The flight from Montreal to Toronto will go via a domestic terminal with no facilities to declare PR.

    Don't worry about the SIN, you will have your hands full declaring PR and changing flights in Montreal. You can get eh SIN at any Services Canada office anytime. Get over your jet lag and sort the SIN out in the days after landing.
  4. hi ,
    as Qubec is in another PR stream- can normal EE stream PR land in Montreal and apply PR from there?
  5. Sure you can complete a PR landing at Montreal but you MUST be able to show onward travel out of Quebec else chances are your PR landing will be refused. If refused likely you will be allowed into the country just as a visitor and will then have to make arrangements to PR land outside of Quebec either at an IRCC office or through a border flagpole.
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