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SINP Work Permit Support Letter can be expented after six months expire

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by RASH0035, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. I am sorry to say that it is very unfortunate ,you aren't nominated anymore and if IRCC finds out about your job loss , they can cancel your application because you must maintain the job during your (PNP)PR application , it is the basic requirement for eligibility.You should not have left and looked for some other employer to keep you eligible for PNP, however I wish you good luck.
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    How do you say so friend? I had a valid PNP nomination when I applied for my PR application and had been with my employer since when I was a student. I only had a one year PGWP and there was no time to look for another employer when they refused to pay the compliance fee.

    My PR application was returned in fact after I came back home because of a missing signature. My original nomination certificate had also expired by that time and so when I contacted SINP and explained how the employer had refused to pay the compliance fee and that my PR application was returned because of a missing signature, they asked for proof of the returned application and a revised job offer. The officer also mentioned in his email that work permits are something that they don't deal with.

    Now my employer may have refused to pay the $230 fee but they gladly emailed me a revised job offer and thus I got my extended nomination certificate.

    I applied again for my PR application and it has been processing since last year.

    I still have the job, I just don't have the work permit.In my humble opinion which I could be wrong about, I think the compliance fee is a requirement for applying for the extended closed work permit and not permanent residence.

    I hope and I pray you're wrong about what you say because I've never misrepresented myself in any capacity. It will be heartbreaking and I may not even have the will to live if my PR application is rejected because of $230.
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    I really hope you get your PPR soon but if your employer isnt going to pay the fees that clearly states that they arent willing to hire a foreign worker which could lead the SINP to withdraw the nomination and inform IRCC at any stage if they do. I hope I'm wrong and they give you the PR regardless , how long have you been out of Canada ? I would have made them pay the fees and later reimbursed them which could have made your life hell lotta easy , my employers paid the fees right away and didnt even ask me about the money at all , but not everybody is nice . your employer fucked you big time . but youve come so far so I hope your background check and everything is done and the last thing is security , when you pass it , it triggers the PPR. You are close to 17 months so I would insist in ordering GCMS notes to know where youre at and whats going on to get the peace of the mind .
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  4. I had offered to pay the fees multiple times but they had made up their mind. Even at home, relatives treat me differently now because they think I'm never going back. Reality is very real, unfortunately.

    It's now been around 2 years since I've returned. I did order GCMS notes twice. There's nothing unusual mentioned in there but peace of mind is a distant memory right now.

    Please pray for me and thanks for taking the time to write those kind words.
  5. I know relatives In india get off at seeing you in pain and in unseen circumstances , but keep your head high and fuck what they say
    You will be in canada by the end of september Inshallah. I really hope you get DM soon.
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  6. One of myvfriend is in same sittution he gone to the border and they said just let any employer pay ur complence fee bring the recipt and number here we will give u work permit
  7. HI can i apply for a work permit using my expired sinp certificate and work permit support letter (nomination cert expired last july) but I already have a file number for my PR application?
  8. Yes. Must attach AOR .
  9. thank you very much.

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