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SINP Work Permit Support Letter can be expented after six months expire

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by RASH0035, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    My question is regarding SINP
    Can SINP Work Permit Support Letter be extended and How
  2. Thank you very much Sir,
    OK JI, But I want to extend only my work permit support letter as my work permit application was refused on the only ground that the employer has failed to pay the employer compliance fee and further CIC said you are welcome to reapply if you can respond to these concerns and can demonstrate that your situation meets the requirement. A new application must be accompanied by a new fee.
    PR application already in progress.
    Sir, I need only work permit support letter to be extended not the whole nomination certificate.
    Please give you advice/suggestion on my SINP work permit support letter.
    Thank you very much for you valuable time Sir.
  3. Gotcha, but here's what happened, if that's the only thing missing (ECF) then just re apply your WP with the ECF receipt attached on it. BUT, correct me if I'm wrong if anyone that will read my post knows better on this situation. I am just looking at my sinp nomination with the work permit support letter, and the date of your nomination is also on it which means to say and to my understanding that the work permit support letter goes hand in hand with your nomination. You get what i mean? Now, my question to you is:

    Is your nomination already expired?

    Somehow, i'm just confident with my advice's to you because I myself is an SINP candidate. Been at the Regway border crossing multiple times assisting some friends either for new or work permit extension, PGWP and PR. So I pretty much is giving you advice based on my experience.
  4. Hi can you help me on this below situation
    I have got sinp nomination employment category. My agent said first you apply for your WP then once you reach in Canada after one or two months later you will apply for your spouse open work permit. For my work permit will take around 5 months from Kuwait. So when I will reach Canada that time my spouse open work permit support letter will be expired. In this case what should I do?
  5. Correct me if wrong, you are located in Kuwait, correct? Work permit is only issued at port of entry when you arrive in Canada. So my guess, you mean it takes 5 months for your visa in Kuwait, correct?
  6. Yes!!! You are absolutely right. Can share some light on above post.Thank you.
  7. Correct me if wrong. So your plan is to come over to Canada first, then later on would be your wife, correct? If that so, just apply for your visa as a worker in Kuwait, then by the time you get here in Canada, thats the time you can apply your wifes permit. There's no letter needed for your wife spousal application. Because it'll be your work permit when you get here is the only thing needed for her Open Permit. Why do I know if you may ask? Because I helped out my friends wife for her Spousal Open Permit.
  8. Well I will explain now
    I have got nomination from sinp employment offer stream on 27th Feb. Same time mine and spouse got work permit support letter, lawyer told me that first apply mine then my spouse when I will enter in Canada and finished one month work.so I agreed with lawyer and he applied on 15th April,2019. My Visa office is abu dhabi but I am staying in Kuwait. This visa processing time is 20 weeks. Once I will get visa approval(expecting on september or October) that time my spouse work permit support letter gonna be expired. So what will be the next? And I will apply for PR in first or second week if this months. Your suggestions is highly appreciate.

  9. Gotcha! One step at a time. Apply for your visa, and then come to canada. Then you can apply your wife. No need for lawyers, it’s an easy process im telling you.

    Also, since you have been nominated hy saskatchewan already. Submit your PR application before you even come to Canada. So the process will start right away.
  10. Yes I will apply PR may be in a week. But my wife work permit support letter will be expired end of August. I hope I will get visa by end of September. So how will I apply for my spouse?

  11. Just come to Canada first then apply your spouse later. There’s no such thing as support letter for spouse, again, I helped someone else’s wife already.
  12. Thank you. Let's see. I will update you.
  13. Hiii can you help me i am nominated by sasktechwan provi.. after completting my study here

    I applied my pr and i am on closed work permit for 2 years

    I apploed for my wife owp and it got refused saying my job category is noc c but as far as i know under section 204c aver getting nominated there is no impact of job category on spouse owp

    I applied again even added nomination letter as well but that is already expiredd what can i do in this case
  14. I had the exact same situation!!!

    So did you face any problems with your PR application because of your WP refusal / employer not willing to pay the compliance fee?

    My application is in process right now (16 months now) and I can't help but have doubts about something going wrong because my while my employer helped me with my SINP, they refused to pay the compliance fee and thus I couldn't apply for a WP and had to return home after my PGWP expired.

    Please let me know if you have anything to share with me. Thanks.

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