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SINP, with employment offer, no update after way more than 16 weeks

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by asghar18, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I submitted my application to SINP under skilled worker with employment offer category. It is now way past 16 weeks and my application status in the online application system is still In Process. I tried to contact them once, sent an email to hopefully be informed about my application, but the response included nothing new, they said my application is in process and no further documents has been requested.
    Saskatchewan website says:
    but they also say their estimation is way less than this, and about 5-6 weeks (depending on the time you look at the website, the estimation might be different.)
    I always read on this forum that people have got their nomination after only two weeks. It is really frustrating not to have any clue about what's going on after this long period of time and I really don't know what to do.
    Does anybody have any suggestion for me, please? Is this normal? Does anyone know what might be going on? Is there any possible way I can get an update with more details from SINP?
  2. When did you apply for sinp
  3. Late April, 2018.
  4. For with employment offer they won’t take more than 4-weeks.
    You applied in International skilled workers category or Existing work permit category?
    You applied by own or with immigration lawyer?
  5. Oh
    well they are taking about 8-9 months even with job offers ...
  6. I applied under International Skilled Worker (with employment offer) category, and applied by my own. Does applying via a lawyer make any difference? Because the online application is such that you actually can not attach any extra documents, like a cover letter, or anything except what they ask for. So the application package ends up being exactly the same, no matter if you apply by your own or get help from a lawyer. In their application system, there is only one section that a lawyer can check and imply the application is for some client, but that's it.
  7. Oh! So the maximum of 16 weeks estimation from their website is actually far from accurate.
  8. Yes exactly.... It doesn’t matter what they have written on their website... We can only predict what gonna happen next but what they do it’s unpredictable... For example ,, one of my friend got nominated in 10 days but she had to wait for 9 months for passport request for stamping visa (after medical) ....so Just pray to God
  9. I never any person for getting nomination it took more than 1-month in Employment offer category.

    Give a mail to SINP office.

    The problem is your job approval letter going expire in 6-months.
  10. The job approval letter is already expired, but that should not be a problem, because the job approval letter must be valid at date of submission, not during the process of the application.
  11. Something wrong happened. Call SINP ASAP.
  12. I tried that. The only response I get is "the application is in process and no further documentation has been requested at this time". Do you know by any chance, how can I ask them for some more details? The response they give me is basically telling me to wait more, but nothing beyond that.
  13. Yes exactly ,,, the only thing you can do now is just wait ...
  14. I contacted them for the second time, and the answer was almost the same. They told me the file is in process and if any final decision is made, they will inform me.
  15. Bro did you apply from Pakistan or in Canada ?
    Cause I applied in December 2018 i gor my nomination in 18 days under same category.
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