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SINP- Second review confusion

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by mariyok, May 17, 2018.

  1. I have applied for second review on 19th april 2018 and got below mentioned reply

    This is an AUTOMATED RESPONSE confirming your email has been received.
    Please note we do not respond to any inquiry for confirming the receipt of any documents submitted via your email. We may not be able to respond to any status inquiry of applications under program integrity review as the review may take an indefinite time due to a number of reasons.
    A request for secondary review of an application will usually be attended in about 4 weeks' time or 30 days. Due to the increased volume of intake, there may be times when we are unable to attend or respond to your request within the estimated time. Your patience is requested.
    For more information on the SINP, please visit www.saskatchewan.ca/sinp

    Till 17th may 2018 nothing happened . very confused. not knowing whether they accepted it for second review or not .Can someone explain me what it mean and whether will I get confirmation that my application is under second review and whether it will reflect in my SINP OASIS which at present showing Application Ineligible.
  2. That's their automate email received when you sent an email. You need to wait for 30-40 days more and they will respond to your request.

    As there are huge applications it could even take longer time. Max you wait for 2 months and then raise another query.
  3. Thanks for reply. is there anyone or his known, who personally experienced this situation as earlier they were converting 2nd review inprocess immidiatly in sinp oasis status.
  4. What is the reason they rejected first the application?
  5. Any body came out successful in 2nd review?
  6. I also applied for Jan 1 2018 and they send the ineligible on 31 Oct 2018.

    On 11 Dec I went for second review .

    Anybody get the positive response in Second Review

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