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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by daris25, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. I have done BTech(IT). When i fill Acedamic form in member in training form then which discipline I should select?
    There no selection option for Information technology. My NOC code is 2173
  2. How can we check that the OID is open Please suggest
  3. Any candidates file turned in to IP ?
  4. they removed mechanical engineers from occupation list. Anyone knows of any case where an occupation was brought back?
  5. Yes, on 26-Jun
  6. Yes, sometimes...
  7. I applied OID on 7 June and EE on 13 June, the information in both applications are the same but in EE there are EOI number and verification code,

    Now they asked me to withdraw one, can I suggest to select EE and consider the information in OID to move faster or they have to start processing from zero??

    please advice me be cause I have to send the answer soon
  8. I recommend EE instead of OID. The process is faster when you go through the IRCC application electronically vs. the paper based process that is required for the OID-based application.

  9. I think you should have applied for Engineer in training and not as Member in Training unless you have been a member with them in the past.

    I would select CSE for IT as that is the closest one available.
  10. Any applicants file turned to IP
  11. I am a member of some whatsapp group's and their files turned IP along with mine. What about you?

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