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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by daris25, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Those who submitted application in june 2018( SINP OID ) intake please join here
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  2. Hi I have successfully applied, however I think I forget to upload some docs and I hope that I can get any chance to upload it again or to get response from them without rejecting my application
  3. Please keep me posted, as I think, I have also missed some documents.
  4. If u misd any documents, rejection is possible( if u r lucky u will get adr ).. SINP is very strict for the required documents
  5. Best of Luck for all those who submitted application on Jun 8.
  6. I have submitted too :D
  7. I have heard SINP opens for few minutes/hours only. How do we know when its going to open ?
    I am not using any Agent, please help.
  8. I also submitted yesterday :)

    By the way, how long will they take to change status from Application Recieved to Application In-Process?
  9. It will take 1-6 months
  10. Wow ! That is a long time . Anyways, what about SINP EE? I mean how long it takes? I am asking this because I am planning to apply to SINP EE as i am eligible over that stream as well.
  11. For turning IP ( in process) will take time, waiting is the only key to success
  12. How long will it approximately take from today till we enter to Canada? (Incase we would be successful enough to receive the approval)
  13. please let me know the update
  14. Guys....pls help..those who had applied previously for sinp...how do we go about the payment.....only international debit card is accepted and if we don't have one, what is the other option?

  15. T
    Try for your friends, and give explanation for that , ( SINP usually ask explanation for this. Better to provide explanation before they ask

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