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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Pure Soul, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Sinp is accepting applications for oid and EE category even if their website is not updated. It has been open since last 3.5 hrs (sk Ard 6am)

    Hurry and submit application now.

    Dont be confused as website is not updated to show open but go to oasis and submit.
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  2. It is closed. Good luck to someone have just applied. This is gift for the new year.
  3. Oh really? But website was never updated. Did u try to submit in oasis?
  4. Many applications are submitted... Approx 1000, assumption as per file number issued to them.
  5. I applied successfully this morning in the SINP EE category but my bank statement is less than 3 months, will this effect my application?
  6. i wanted to apply for SINP, my current job code is 2281 Network Administrator which is not a part of NOC in demand list while my previous experience is also in Software development with job code of 2173 Software engineers and designers. My question is, can i apply with 2173? thanks in advance.
  7. I heard the this stream particularly takes 6 months to nominate and then another 6 months for federal? Is that right?
  8. Very negative effect. Now from march they will increase to 6 months.
  9. Yes...in all 1-2 years.
  10. you have just wasted 300 CAD
  11. It differs widely. There are no strict rules for processing time.

    some applicants got the provincial nomination in weeks, while others got it after 6 months. But for most applicants it takes about 3 months.

    For the federal phase it takes about 6 months in average for most applicants.
  12. It depends on what you mean: It's less than 3 months between date of opening of your savings account and date of apply your application? Or it's less than 3 months between date of opening of your savings account and date of bank statement?
  13. Hey Guys,

    I have submitted the application in SINP EE on 1st January 2018 and paid the fee of $300. I saved the generated invoice in PDF format and also the status of the application is changed to "Application Received" with Application number being assigned to me. In "View my Correspondence" section, I am able to see an auto-generated message with the confirmation of application submitted and the attached "Received Application Letter.PDF" which states that the application is successfully submitted and will be reviewed. Just checked and have received the confirmation email from SINP. Somehow, it got landed in junk folder but now marked as safe :)

    Best Wishes,
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  14. I submitted mine today and got the application received status with a file number. But there is nothing in my correspondence and no email from SINP for confirmation. Do they take some time to generate it??

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