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SINP nomination getting delayed

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by preet0128, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Hi all,
    I applied for SINP under Employement Offer category through a consultant in Mohali. They created my profile on Saskatchewan official website in Dec 2016. Later on they arranged job offer and approval letter for me. Since then I am waiting for nomination. Can anyone suggest why it is so delayed? And also I want to know that, are the documents uploaded after the nomination?
  2. There is obviously something fishy going on with your consultant. Usually SINP processing take from a month to at least 12 months. You sure your SINP job offer is genuine? Do you have a copy of job offer and approval letter?
  3. i think i am in the same boat don't know what to do m from jalandhar
  4. No I do not have copy of these. But isn't it possible that really there are occuring some delays by the Saskatchewan govt. ? May be due to heavy file rush or other issues..
  5. No I got mine nomination done in 2 weeks
  6. Consultant has eaten your money without any thanks.
  7. Did u also applied through Heera Consultants Mohali ?
  8. Can anyone tell me if sales and marketing professional are accepted in SINP?
  9. hello
    hello sumesh have you got your nomination yet or not
  10. Yes
  11. Hello guys EE IS OPEN FOR SINP ...Hurry
  12. Hello
    I am also at the same stage and applied in Jan 2018.What is the status of nominations process now? Please do share when you receive nominations
  13. Sorry i started in Jan 2017
  14. Hello
    I am also waiting like you.Have you received your nominations.What does the consultants say on enquiry.I was told in Feb 2018 that file has been sent for nomination and now they always say it is in que with no fixed time frame
  15. Did you apply in Jan. 2017 ?
    If yes, then your consultant is fraud.
    He has not submitted your applicarion yet. Maximum time limit for nomination is 8 to 10 months generally.
    You can ask your application status directly to immigration@gov.sk.ca

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