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SINP - NOC in demand - work experience vs education.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rurouni01, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Hi

    Question regarding NOC, Work experience and Education.

    I will generalize the case.

    A person is applying to SINP - EE subcategory, he/she has been working almost 10 years in 2 different NOCs (2242 and 2281) looking the SINP in-demand occupation list, which 2242 is in demand but 2281 isn’t.


    The person has a college degree of 3 years in information technology; however, he/she took several courses while in high school about electronics. That is why he was able to work for almost 5 years as a computer service technician (fixing/soldering computer components etc.) NOC 2242. he/she has no post-secondary degree though.

    In the SINP profile (to be submitted yet) the person chose NOC 2242 and he has the work reference letter with all requirements as in the picture:




    Is your NOC selected by your work experience or by your education?

    Since the high School diploma does not help in SINP, how can the person prove he/she has training in electronic?

    Would the application be rejected as the person has no post-secondary degrees in electronic?

    Thank you all the help.
  2. Yes. Enclose at least 2 years on the job training certificate issued by your employer with high school certificate course with electronics.
    Completion of high school or college courses in electronics and on-the-job training is required.
  3. what is a on the job training certificate? the person only worked there almost 5 years but he had gained the knowledge prior joining the company

    any suggestions ?
  4. Show first year after joining as an On job period and try to get certificate about that.
    This is shown in the noc related website about on job training certificate.
  5. Hi, I am having b tech chemical engineering with more than 18 years exp in software field. Can I submit experience certificate as a training certificate? Kindly advise
  6. I think no.
    Better you confirm it
  7. If education mismatch with exp, they will reject the application ?
  8. Obviously.
    If not, then how can then they differentiate among education, Noc and experience?
  9. In this case , will they accept job training certificates which was issued by previous employers? Or I am ineligible for sinp? Could u pls advise how can I prove
  10. Unfortunately I have the same issue
  11. Hello, i need information on the SINP EOI. I have educational training in one of the NOCs in demand in SINP with a part-time 20hrs weekly experience in the last 10years. I also have experience on another job not listed in the SINP occupation in demand. What point will i get for job experience. Someone should please assist. Thank you.
  12. hello
    I need some information about the multiple work experiences , I want to apply to SNIP EE subcategory.
    2 years of my work experience fit a NOC in demand list, which is level A and 5 years of that is another level A Noc , which is not in the list. in Saskatchewan website just " working at least 1 year in occupation in demand " is mentioned to be required. and it doesn't say anything about multiple work experiences.and I know that under EE multiple noc work experiences are acceptable. I want to know can I claim all my work experiences in my SNIP application because if I do so I can get 12 point for my work experiences.
    I do appreciate it if anyone give me any information or suggestion about it.
  13. You can get only 4 points for work experience, if it is fixing in the recent 5 years slot.
  14. thank you for your reply
    so it is not the same with express entry ? and work experiences would get the points which completely fit the in demand NOC.
  15. SINP has their own critaria. And they are very strict about that.

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