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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by daris25, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    I have a confusion with applying SINP EE program, If I apply for the program, do I need to submit job approval letter or not?
    According to sinp ee required docus on homepage, a letter of reference is required to prove my job experience, but It doesn't clearfy whether job approval letter to prove my job is NOC B level.

    Please nicely guide somebody who is digging in the dark. Thanks.
  2. For SINP EE u have to create valid express entry profiles, that is the in,y difference for SINP OID and SINP EE , other requirements kindly follow this link -https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/applicants-international-skilled-workers/international-skilled-worker-saskatchewan-express-entry
  3. Sinp oid- file received jan 28, 2018
    Medical passed - may 6

    Anybody wants to share their time line.. is there any specific whats app group for this?

  4. People who got nomination please help me how to work on settlement plan and tips to convince immigration officer.
    Please help
  5. Can u elabrate your question

  6. can you please help me? how to make on settlement plan ? i used live in canada tool but its not working can i make a separate letter and can explain my planing of settlement will it work ? what you did?
  7. actually just want to know how to start working on settlement plan? i got invitation two days back now i start working on settlement plan as per in their website they asked to use Living in Canada tool but i really can understand that, so can i make a separate letter and write all my planing of settlement in my own words will it work?

    any one experienced can help me?
  8. No need to prepare separate one, use living in Canada tool, u can join our WHATSAAP group, follow my signature to get number
  9. For experience points of SINP, does experience is counted ONLY for NOC of on-demand?
    i.e. in case Let's say someone have worked for NOC 2174 in between 2010 -2015, and later on s/he is working forNOC 2173.

    Will s/he get only 5 points for experience, since present 5 years are in different NOC which is not in-deamand>

    Ref: taken from https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/applicants-international-skilled-workers/assess-your-eligibility
    • The work experience claimed must be relevant to the single occupation you've selected in your application.
    • One year of work experience refers to 12 full months of work experience.
  10. He said 2016 to till date that means only three years , last five years he has only 3 years of experience, so he can claim only 2 points for first section
  11. @daris25 : Thanks a lot.
    However, I m confused for SINP's work experience point calculation.

    Let me elaborate as follows:
    1) Let's say someone have worked for NOC 2174 in between 2010 -2014 (4 years) => falls in 6-10 years => only 4 points?
    2) Later on s/he is working for NOC 2173, hence duration is 2015 to till date

    As of now only 2174 is in demand for SINP, hence while Saskachewan calculates points for experience, do they count a experience of NOC of 2173, probably no, though wanted to check.

    Since as par their site, focus is on single occupation as 'The work experience claimed must be relevant to the single occupation you've selected in your application.'

    Please help here @daris25

  12. I advise you to consider only those years for NOC which is currently in demand. Experience points count only for one NOC, multiple NOCs work experience will not count.
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  13. What is your application status? Did you get an Additional Document Request to provide intend to settle in Saskatchewan?
  14. Dear members, Our application has been selected for SINP-Express Entry Sub category. I need your kind support about preparing reference letters as well as settlement plan. The NOC is 1311 Accounting technicians. Kindly share few sample reference letters and settlement plans formats. Thanking in anticipation...
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  15. Same help for me too
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