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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by daris25, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. those who applied in January 2018 intake connect here
  2. Happy new year
    I applied under SINP OID program on 2nd Jan 2018
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  3. Dear Friend,

    I am not sure but SINP OID not opened in Jan 2018, how did you apply?
  4. Applied under SINP EE on 1st Jan 2018
  5. Many popular noc are removed recently, SINP said that it will not affect the submitted files ,
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  6. It opened for two days, SINP said that it was an technical error
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  7. Hi,

    I was filling up the SINP application under "International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry"

    Under Step1 "Job Offer/Employment" section in Pre-Application,

    I have entered EE Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation code

    It now asks me for 1 year experience and the dropdown has In Demand Occupation of SINP.

    Now my question is, my EE (Express Entry) in gic site is made under NOC 2171 and I don't see that in the the 1 year work experience drop-down.

    Does that mean I can't apply?

    Only where EE NOC code matches with this dropdown are eligible to apply??

    The closest in that is 2173 which I have done at some point in my career. Can take that and go ahead?

    Please advise.


  8. Is there any WhatsApp group which keeps us updated on sinp opening..I have missed sinp EE ..
  9. Hi All,

    My CRS (calculated using the official tool is 400, including my wife's IELTS score). I read somewhere that an addition 10 points would be added further once ECA is done for spouse (B. E. and MBA). Is this true and if so, would my crs increase to 410 post ECA?

    Thanks for your assistance.
  10. hi , pls add me if there is any whats up group to keep update , when snip will open , i missed it on 01 jan.my no. is 91+ 9876044773
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  11. I submitted OID application on 1/1/18. Is there any whats up group could join?
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  13. How long it may take for Jan 2018 applicants to receive any response from SINP?
  14. It will take time, still august and October candidates are waiting to process
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  15. Please how do I increase my scored cos i am getting a 377 based on age, English proficiency and work experience?
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