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SINP :- International Skilled Worker - Express Entry Sub-Category, Network Here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sanjeev31aug, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Thanks for your prompt and valuable feedback. Actually I was referring to increasing points in 6-10 year period slot. And regarding IELTS, I have already considered max points (20) as having language ability higher than CLB 8.
  2. Oh intelligent boy, CLB 8.
    What is your points score in the grid?
    Never wait long for 1 point only, SINP can change their rules or NOCs any time, they are very strange people.
  3. @ashuindian bro

    my points grid now

    Education - 20 points
    Language - 20 points
    Age - 12 points
    52 points

    52 + 12(for 7 years experience till date) = 64 points now
    After Nov 29th, 52 + 13 = 65 points(8 years experience) - 13 points

    1. When do you suggest to create EOI now or next month? Or can i apply now with 64 and my points will be auto incremented to 65 when i complete 8 years?

    Also i have CRS 349(IELTS LRWS 7.5 6.5 6.5 6.5) - sinp points 64/65

    My spouse CRS 382(IELTS LRWS 8 9 6.5 7) - sinp points 60

    2. So, for express entry whom should be primary applicant (me or my spouse)?

    Thanks in advance....
  4. Is it a matter of asking? You have to apply, not spouse. Apply now, immediately with 64 points.
    There is an election in Canada right now.
    Everything will change if a new government comes.
    By the way, what is your NOC?
  5. @ashuindian bro
    Please don't feel offended...sorry for that.. i am bit new for this info..My NOC is 2173.

    I am waiting for my spouse ECA to be completed soon(WES in progress), mine is completed last month. Can i apply without that?
  6. It's okay dear.
    Yes, you can apply now.
  7. Hi ASHUINDIAN....

    Can you please let me know will SINP accept my ECA for FSW for NOC2221 (Microbiologist)

    Or I need to get it done course by course ECA upgradation? PLEASE HELP.
  8. Question 1
    Create EOI profile now with 64 points and then update it in November once you have 8 years of work experience.

    You will lose absolutely nothing. You may be selected with 64 points, so you never know.

    Question 2
    Your spouse should be the main applicant in Express Entry since her CRS is higher.
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    By the way another draw was conducted today with the lowest score being 69.

    However, not so many NOC's were selected.
    0111, 0112, 0114, 0122, 0821, 1114, 1221, 1241, 1311, 2171, 2174, 2251 6235, 6332, 7321

    As they say there will minimum 1 draw per month, but as I see they will conduct draws every week. So, I would suggest to everyone just to register their correct profile and wait.
  10. Can u apply for NOC 2121?
    It is very good option. In the list and doesn't need any license.
  11. The total point score is 67 (including 12 points for work experience). I am planning to create EOI on or after 31st Oct since I have received the funds (term deposit) in my acct on 30th Sept. Keeping in mind the criteria of funds requirement for min 3 months and 60 days period for applying after receiving ITA, I have decided to do.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I've received an invitation from SINP on the latest draw through express entry, my noc is 2174. I did my engineering in Electronics and electrical engineering (EEE) and masters in business administration. I request you to tell me if I need any license. Also my ECA through WES is document by document should I change it to course by course ?
  13. You must have completed a
    minimum three-year
    program in computer
    science, information
    technology, computer
    science systems, or a related
    discipline in integrated
    multimedia or computing
    Computer Science
    engineering programs will
    not be considered.
  14. Provide documentation from the
    Canadian Association of Information
    Technology Professionals (CIPS) showing
    • Candidate Membership as an
    Associate Information
    Technology Professional (AITP);
    • Certified Membership as an
    Information Systems Professional
    • Certified Membership as an
    Information Technology Certified
    Professional of Canada (ITCP)
    For more information, visit the provincial
    regulator the Canadian Association of
    Information Technology Professionals
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    I think your degree is not matching. You are Hardware Engineer, not a Software Engineer. Because of this u will have difficulty in getting CIPS License.

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