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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Abm0o7, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone after spending hours on searching online, I haven't seen much post or threads about SINP secondary review time frame and process progress. lets connect here and share progress and experience to help each other. So far below are my details :)

    Applied SINP-OID: 22 Nov 2016 Noc 0714
    IN-PROCESS: 23 NOV 2016
    Fund Conversion: 8th DEC 2016
    No docs requested
    Ineligible letter: 24 JAN 2017 (work experience Not in Demand)
    Requested Secondary review 25 Jan 2017
    BACK in-Process for 2nd review: 26 Jan 2017 (received letter confirming review from SINP same day)
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  2. I have been in process for secondary review since November 2016, no further update so far.

    I applied in the January 4th intake just in case
  3. Applied for second review in January 5, but no information till date. Not applied again as they may ask to withdraw one of the application.
  4. Did u get confirmation for secondary review? And which file they asked you to withdraw? Secondary review one?
  5. Any update ? Whats your status?
  6. Hi ,

    I am 24th Oct candidate, Got ineligible on 18th Jan, Requested second review on 26th Jan. I have got confirmation on same day and file is under second review.
  7. Hi,
    One of my friend got application returned under Social Worker due to following reasons:
    1: Insufficient Bank statement
    2: Job description Mismatch

    He has maintained sufficient amount bank statement now. Please let me know if he can re-apply with the supporting Job duties as part time under other employers as supporting letter for a social worker

    How much time SINP is taking to process 2nd review

    Please check reply of SINP which he got


    You do not meet a minimum of 60 out of 100 points on the point assessment grid.

    Proof of Transferable Settlement Funds
    You do not meet the SINP settlement fund requirements. The evidence provided did not show proof
    of maintaining the minimum settlement fund amount of $22,603 CAD for three months prior to your
    Work Experience Credentials
    You do not meet the work experience requirement which states that you must have at least one
    year of experience, in the past 10 years, related to your education, in an occupation which is
    in‐demand in Saskatchewan. Your work experience is not related to NOC 2171, but is related to
    NOC 1121, which is not an occupation in demand. You do not meet criteria.

    Thanks for your help

  9. Did you provide them experience letters containing job duties because i m also with same NOC planning to send application in next intake

  10. Yes I did, my job duties are unfortunately prodution managers one, they need maintenance manager or coordinators. You can find duties on google if u type in noc 0714
  12. Hi All,

    My application is also marked as 'Ineligible'. Please let me know how to mark it for Second Review?
  13. There is form for it, u need to send them with a letter why u think secondary review will change decision..... type Sinp secondary review in google u will find everything.
  14. Any updates anyone?
  15. Hi all

    Applied: 22-Nov-2016
    In process: 08-Dec-2016
    Ineligible: 07-Feb-2017
    Intend 2nd review next week 13-Feb-2017

    Does anyone receive feedback after 2nd review?

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