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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by daris25, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. SINP express entry opened in 13-06-2018. Successful candidates can join this thread .
  2. I applied for SINP express entry 13-June-2018
    I have some questions and looking for help
    1) I applied for both OID and EE, do I have to withdraw from one of them now or at the time of processing? does it take 17 weeks or less?
    2) How long it takes to process and which one is the faster?
    3) If I received nomination letter from EE stream what is the next step?
    4) After receiving ITA (invitation to apply) do we need ielts result valid (after that) or we move to the next step? where my ielts is valid to March 2019 is it enough or I have to take the test again?
    5) when we have to submit the police certificate and medical exam?
    6) when we have to submit the federal forms? and can we submit them online?
    Looking to hear the answering
  3. 1; they will ask you to withdraw one,SINP EE faster and once u received nomination if u r EE candidate future process become fast.once u received nomination to apply for federal to complete the process.
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  5. 3) Complete CIPS certification
    4) Hopefully should have the decision taken by then. To be on the safe side schedule the exam in Feb just to be on the safe side and can cancel it 30 days before the day of the test.
    5) PCC and Medical exam would be done at a later stage.
    6) Apply for FBI clearance online as this would be much faster.

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