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SINP - Application Nominated - Work Permit Help

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by isabella_help, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am new here... I just got nominated in SINP (Sk) and I received my "Confirmation Nomination" and my "SINP Work Permit Support Letter" and I would like to know if it is possible to apply and get my Work Permit at the Border? I am really near to Monchy Border. Which documents should I have to proceed?

    Currently, I am living in SK and on my Visa I'm a visitor. My visitor visa expires Dec-20. This is gonna be a problem if I decide to go to the border check about my Work Permit?

    Thank you for the help!
  2. Hi,

    I’m also from sask, I recently got a new work permit at the north portal border, it’s close to estevan. You will have to do a flagpole so make sure you have a us visa and then a valid work permit when coming back to the canada side. bring your sinp work permit support letter, sinp nomination, resume, employer compliance fee if it’s a employer based nomination, your employer has to give you a receipt of that, and your gonna have to pay the fee for the work permit.
    I called cbsa before and they advised me to go to north portal border as the other borders in sask might reject you and not offer you work permit but with that being said, all borders should issue you a work permit granting that you have all your documents in hand.
    That’s all I can remember but you can definitely get it at the border
    Good luck !
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  3. One more thing, don’t worry about your visitor visa expiring in December because I went one day before mine expired and it wasn’t a problem, just don’t go after it expires because then you will have a serious problem
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  4. Jonnie, firstly thank you very much for the response! I still have some doubts because I am quite apprehensive of the bad reports I read about applying for the permit work on the border.

    This process you did, did you only have your visitor's visa and your nominee? Was the process to handle the work permit for the first time? And besides, what is this employer compliance fee? Where I can find information about this fee?

    One last thing ... you went over the border and said you'd like to apply for WP? How was the process with the officer?

    Thank you so so so much!

  5. Yeah I had my visitor visa to come back into Canada, my work permit which was expiring the n next day and my nominee and work support letter from sinp.
    What category did you apply under for sinp ? The compliance fee is the fee my work company paid because my sinp is employer with job offer so in order for me to get a new work permit it would have to be a closed work permit so the compliance fee just had that my job was job exempt. The compliance fee information is on the ircc website. The officer was quite friendly and assisted me fully and was fully aware of the rules and very understanding, didn’t give me any problems, I had left an important document and he helped me to get it using the computer there so the experience at the border with the officer was a good one.. I went late in the night because the border was 4 hours from me so maybe because it was less busy why it was good but otherwise no problem, just have all your docs ready and bring any additional docs to help them make the process easier on you.
  6. When I pulled up they just greeted me at the office and asked my status in Canada and asked me to show proof meaning work permit and they asked for passport and then I said to them that I want to apply for extended or new work permit and they asked if I had all my documents in place and then asked me to park and come inside and then met the officer because at that border they have a officer who only does immigration purpose applications and so on.
  7. So I am writing just to tell the end of my story :)

    I was so afraid of something goes wrong at the border that I decided to apply on paper.
    What happened to me was: I was living in Canada and my status was Visitor and I sent my application to the office in Vegreville AB. And after 3 weeks I just saw on the CIC website that I could not have done it. So I requested my refund online and sent a letter requesting a withdrawal of my application.

    In the meantime, I had to apply for my Tourist Extension and my current status after that was implied.

    My husband and I we had some personal issues about the deadline for the new office that we were supposed to send the documents (Brazil or New York), so we decided to call CIC and ask about the Port Of Entry application. And for some reasons, we decided that the right thing would be to go to the border.

    We went to the border on Jan 12, 2018 - the process lasted almost 2 hours. We arrive 8:40 pm and the officer took a look at the documents that both Jonnie and the Government advised us to take (Job offer, SINP letters, resume, compliance fee, offer ID number and Valid passport). After that the officer called just my husband to a room for an interview, which lasted like 40 minutes, and asked a lot of things about: where we were staying, how do we find the job, our lives in Brazil, what we were doing in Canada and what we will do, how much money do we have, who we met, and another questions.

    The officer still asked for a lot of documents that no one advised us, (marriage certificate, proof of funds, medical exams, application of visitor extension, currency converter, recommendation letter from Brazil of his last employment, all the professional credentials ) but like Jonnie said we took all the documents to help the process.

    After the interview, the officer still took about 40 minutes to look all the documents until he calls us to the great news: my husband 2 years closed work permit and mine open for 2 years. :D:D

    We asked the refund for the visitor extension too!

    Thank you, Jonnie for the help (I'm a little stubborn lol) and I hope my story can help others in the future!
    Now I'm starting my process for PR! Good luck to all of us! :):)
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  8. Thanks for sharing your experience and also can you please tell me which SINP category exactly you applied and how long it took to notify you nomination.

    I applied for SINP Skilled Worker with employment offer category yesterday.

  9. Hello! I applied the same category International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer

    The first time when the company applied for the job approval took 5 months to approve... but now we had to redo the process again because my husband was laid off of his job and he had to find another one... and this new company applied the job letter and called SINP 2 times/ week charging them for an answer, and the Job Approval arrived in less than a month! They applied the first week of May and the Job approval arrived May 24.

    I don't know if it was faster because we were just changing the job and we already had the nomination (just needed to ask for a revision) and this new company said that they need my husband as soon as possible or if the process is just faster now than 2017. I read on others topics that calling SINP makes things faster.

    After that, we applied for the nomination - took 1 month to arrive the nomination
    And then we flagpole at the border!
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  10. Thank you soo much for the information.

    Can you tell me if you laid off or chane your job after applied for Federal PR so the you have to start the whole procedure again like you did applied and get nomination again but how about that federal PR status which you applied last time?

    2 : I was international Student and i still have valid study permit till 2020 but i left my studies and now applied for SINP when i get my nomination do you suggest if i come to Canada as i will have nomination and work permit support letter to apply for work permit in person at border ? Or apply online from my home country?

    Thanks again Isabella will look forward to read your reply.
  11. 1. My husband`s boss already had told us that he would declare bankruptcy, just couple weeks after we got our Work Permits, so we decided to not apply for the PR to avoid any problems or uncertainties. And we will apply now :)

    2. With the nomination, you can definitely apply for your work permit at the border, but you need to be sure that you have all your documents in hands.

    The first time we needed: nomination letter, the job offer from the company, job approval from SINP, compliance fee, receipt of compliance fee, resume, certificates of my husband for the job and a letter from his former boss in our country to proof experience, proof of funds (you need to see how much do you need depending on number of persons in the process), passports with valid visa to enter Canada (visitors). I had to show our marriage certificate because I am attached to him at the process and we came to Canada as visitors and we were here about a year, so we needed to show our medical exams. I think it was that.

    I suggest you get some information with the SINP or IRCC by telephone or e-mail before deciding if you should take a plane or not. I saw that the processing time for Work Permit is 3 months... sometimes is better wait in your country and came with all already solved, than to risk for just 3 months.
  12. I really appreciate your help.

    One last thing if you can tell me what was his score out of 100 in SINP first and second time when he applied for nomination?

    As i have scored 60/100 which is basic requirement for SINP.

    Thanks alot

  13. Hello Isabella!

    I am from the dominican republic. Currently in Canada. My husband has SINP nomination with employment offer. We arrived through the border in toronto and the officers said that we could not apply for a work permit as visitors . But advised us to arrive to Saskatchewan(as planned) and work it out there.

    Can you please tell me the location of the border where you applied? I woukd very much appreciate your help!
  14. Hello
    Isabella i need one more answer regarding work experience.

    When you were applying for Canadian Visit visa did you showed them your work experience in application form on which you later get job and then nomination?

    As i am student I didn’t mentioned work experience that time even though i had work experience but now i want to show my experience so just wondering will that be problem for me or not ?
  15. Sorry I just saw your message now. I don`t remember the score, I just remember it was enough. And we didn't need to ask for nomination the second time. We just asked for a renovation of the job.

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