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Singapore Visa Office spousal interview waiting time

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by abdul0ahmed, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone...
    I sponsored my wife and she recieved today a letter from Singapore visa office that she is in the interview queue and it is 24 months!!! Anyone with similar situation? Is 24 months a default time and could be sooner?
    Please help. Thanks
  2. 24 months? That is a long time :O
  3. That what they've said unfortunately. I really don't know if that is true.. Is there anyone else who had an interview recently.? :(
  4. Does the letter say 24 months? My wife got interview letter as well but it doesn't mention any date. Can you share the sample if possible?
  5. Is your wife from Bangladesh? If she is, did they actually ask her to go to Singapore for an interview?
  6. They haven't asked anything yet but interview will happen in Bangladesh not in Singapore that's for sure.
  7. Oh wow really? Under which category did she apply in? SWOP or TRV? Or PR application?
  8. You are on our interview list. Our next contact with you will be to advise you of the time, date
    and location of your interview. Please wait to hear from us.
    Please be advised that applications which require interview fall outside normal processing
    standards. The current queue for an interview is approximately 24 months. While your
    application is awaiting interview, we will not accept, respond to, or attach to your file any
    correspondence, except: change of address or contact information, including change of e-mail
    address; change of immigration representative; change of marital status or family composition;
    request for withdrawal of your application
  9. What did they say to you please? And when did your wife received the letter?
  10. I don't think it will take 24 months, my wife got also interview call but in her letter there is no timeline & we applied this year. You applied last year thats why you fall under old application process. Your wife should get the call within couple of months.
  11. I hope so
  12. Hello,

    Please note that we no longer have a Visa and Immigration Section on site at the Canadian High Commission in Dhaka. This service has been relocated to Singapore, and as we do not have the expertise to answer questions relating to Canadian Visas and Immigration, we are unable to respond to your request.

    Kindly refer to the Singapore Immigration Office directly, either by visiting their website at www.cic.gc.ca or contacting them directly via email at Singapore-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca


    The Consular Section

    High Commission of Canada in Bangladesh
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  13. Did you email them?
  14. oh god is it really 24 month .. um worried now .. we r also in the queue .. when did u apply ? and yes the interview is in bangladesh for sure .. just a suggestion if you open this thread in the family sponsorship section then we will be able to collect more info from other people and get a estimate for ourselves ..
  15. Well peaple are saying it is around 6 months. I applied July 2016.

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