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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Vansask, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Dear Letina,

    We received our Medical Request today. Our application has been with VO exactly one year.

    We wish you get your PPR very soon. Don't worry and feel depressed. Everything will be fine.
  2. Congrats Vansask and goodluck to the next stage!

    letina NBPNP App Filed:11-Nov-09 AOR:08-Feb-09 MR:received PPR: VISA:
    Vansask SINP App Filed:Jun-10 AOR:15-Jul-10 MR:28-Jun-11 PPR: VISA:.
    n1x_r NSPNP App Filed:20-Oct-10 AOR:18-Dec-10 MR:30-May-11 PPR: VISA:
    Garu NBPNP App Filed:22-Jan-11 AOR:22-Mar-11 MR:waiting.. PPR: VISA:
    CRS MNPNP App Filed:01-Apr-11 AOR:07-Jun-11 MR:waiting.. PPR: VISA:
  3. Vansask, did they ask for Proof of Funds or any other docs aside from med result?
  4. Congratz Vansack!! Very happy for you :) now we are on par on the waiting game!
  5. Well yes. They asked for police certs and new photos. Nothing else.
  6. Thank you Letina. Good luck to all of us!
  7. Hi Vansack, why did they ask for your police cert again?? I thought we have already submitted right, or did you obmit any police certs? They did not ask for mine but I am very worried they will ask later before PPR because I lived in many countries and it is so hard to obtain all these police certs again :(
  8. Latina,

    Our police certs are over one year old. That's why they need new police certs.
  9. That's not good... our police certificates that we have submitted with application are valid only until August 2011. I hope we can receive MR before they expire.
  10. this is really bad news, as I need to get so many police certificates which can easily take another 8 months!! If we never ever visit the countries again will there be a need to resubmit? Btw, anyone try to get a police cert from Singapore? It seems they need 12 weeks to post directly to CIC which is a considerably long waiting time added :(
  11. Congratulation! Vansask, this is a ray of light for rest of us. Dear all, Svo alone processes applications from 10 countries including larger populated countries like Indonesia. Thailand, Bangladesh etc. I found no other vo in Asia, handling such a large volume of coverage. Thus, I think its better not to compare with other vos. Just lets hope for the best.
  12. Hi letina,

    It will not take 12 weeks to get Singapore Police clearance. We just went to Singapore Police Force last Friday 24 June to apply for police certs and they will be sending the certs directly to the VO on 9 July. You will need to show the document from VO requesting for Singapore Police Cert before they can allow you to apply.
  13. Thanks n1x_r, how about other pcc, did they ask u only for singapore pcc or for all countries again?
  14. unfortunately, they also asked for other pcc. any country where you stayed for 6 mos and above, they will request for pcc :( it's very troublesome
  15. Hi guys, I got my PPR yesterday delivered through post :p Finally it is the last step in the waiting game, I think they are accelerating the process now as they may have the quota for the next fiscal year, good luck to everyone!

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