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Singapore Timeline

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Vansask, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Please share your timeline if you applied to CHC Singapore.

    Mine is

    AOR received July 15, 2010.

    Medical Request...............??
  2. Hi vansask, are u under pnp? Which province were u nominated.

    How long did it take to receive your AOR after submission? Did you contact singapore yet regarding your file? Which country are u currently residing?
  3. Hi Garu,

    We submitted our application in June, 2010.

    We were SINP norminated.

    We got in touch with CHC Singapore and told that we have to wait because they are busy.

    Did you contact CHC Singapore?
  4. Our complete kit was forwarded to Singapore by NB-PNP on Dec 22 and we are told that Singapore will contact us but we didnt receive AOR yet as of date.

    I was thinking to wait a littie longer before contacting them with a fear that it might affect our application if I contact them now. It's dissapointing to know that your file is already on its 8th month and no MR yet but at least you got AOR already which i don't have yet. I specifically indicated Singapore on our PNP application because they said it is faster than CEM. I hope they won't be busy forever. Pls keep in touch.
  5. If you could submit at another visa office, please avoid Singapore for all cost!!!! On the CIC website they report an average 11 months processing for PNP but it is their AVERAGE, majority are being waiting for more than a year, let me share my timeline of my application and my friend, all under PNP:


    Submitted to Singapore visa office: 11 Nov 2009
    AOR: 8 Feb 2010
    Medical request: Waiting till today

    My friend:
    Submitted to Singapore visa office: 8 April 2010
    AOR: 6 May 2010
    Medical request: Waiting

    Not sure what those lazy people are doing with the applications given that other visa office clear the application for PNP up till Dec 2010!!!
  6. Hi Letina, thanks for the info and for sharing your timeline. I can see that you have been waiting for so long for your MR. Well, it's too late to get to know this info otherwise I would have send my application to CEM. All I have to do now is wait. At least they should give me AOR so I know that they got our application and not lost somewhere.

    Vansask, any update on your side?
  7. They are horrible in replying email too, I sent an email asking and they immediately reply that they are busy and the queue is long and I should not email them again unless there is significant change in the application or it will delay the process :eek:
  8. Very disappointing indeed! We can't do much but wait....
  9. Hi Garu,

    We are still waiting.
  10. Vansask, thanks for the update... As for me, I'm still wondering if they received our application or not since it's been 3 months now since we send our application but didn't receive AOR up to date.

    The fact that you and Letina got your AOR within a month added to my worries. Do you think it is worth contacting them by now?
  11. Hi Garu,

    In my opinion, it is no harm contacting them.

    I also wonder if you have to send your application forms to CIC singapore yourself instead of Newsbrunswick norminee program sending them for you.

    For SINP norminees, we have to send our application forms together with normination certificate to CIC singapore.
  12. Vansask,

    We have sent two copies of our complete kit to NB-PNP and according to their procedure, one copy will be retain for their record and the other to be sent directly to our specified CIC together with the nomination certificate and fee.

    I guess it is an extra effort by NB-PNP to expedite the process but of course it is still the CIC's decision if they process it quickly.

    Let's just hope and pray that workload of CIC Singapore will be lighten so they could process our application quickly.
  13. Hi guys, from what my agent told me, singapore is playing the statistic game and will not issue AOR as fast as b4. This is because they need to reply the average processing time to CIC every quarter and their average time is counted from the time of AOR and not the time you submit the form to their office. As a results, it can take up to 12 months now for them to reply to you with file number and AOR:( I also heard that there was manpower change in Singapore visa office and some was moved from CIC India to Singapore, it was a good visa office before with fast processing but no more now :(
  14. Hi Vansak, have you received your medical? Good news! I emailed Singapore again asking why it is taking so long since my case is more than their published timeline and CC to the CIC Canada contact email. They immediately reply that they are processing my application and within the same day I received the email notifying that they have sent out the Med Req by post. One of my friend also received her Med Req today after going to the office and enquire about their case which was submitted in June. However, another submitted in April received an email from them saying that the average processing time now is 16 months and they will not reply any further email. The next day, she received an email notifying that her Med report was sent out by post! It's weird what is happening in Sing office!!!! Btw, my friend who came to the office said that there are not a single customer there, the whole office is empty even though it is 10.30am in the morning, they must be super relax to work in such a laid back environment and yet taking years to process the applications :(
  15. Hi Letina,

    Congratulations! Thank you for your update.

    I wonder if I should email them again or wait for a couple of weeks. Because I emailed to enquire about the status of my application in Feb, 2011.

    Are they starting to process April and June groups?

    What would you recommend?

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