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Singapore Timeline

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Vansask, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. SINP OID, AR 30 July 2018, AoR 6 Septemer 2018, FT 8 April 2019 SGVO, NOC 2147, still waiting.........Dont know why????
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  2. Are you from Bangladesh? Is ur NOC IT related?
  3. Have you mailed to them through web form? It seems most of the April 19 FT SGVO are delaying or may have reason delay review the application?
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  4. Is there any SGVO whatsup group ? Internet to join
  5. Rolly vai are u from Dhaka? do u have any update ?
  6. Any update regarding medical request?have you applied GCMS
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  7. Yes I applied gcmnotes . What is ur timeline and which NOC?
  8. No MR yet now
  9. AR Aug18
    AOR Sep18
    FT SVO Apr19
    No MR
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  10. Pls. Update us here ,once you will have received the gcms
  11. I have same NOC with you and finally i have found some one. Are u from Dhaka?
  12. 1.File transfer to VO then get within short time MR and PPR .(1.5+1.5 Month-outland) . Question-When are they checking criminality, background and security?how do they very fast?

    2.File transfer VO then get long time for MR and PPR .(more than 6 months-outland) . Question-When are they checking criminality, background and security?why they delayed?

    2.File transfer after MR to VO then start to do checking,why they do like this?

    What is the difference between three scene
  13. Is there any update for MR from Singapore visa office? New Dhilli visa office sending MR from yesterday
  14. For which date AOR?

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