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Sibling proof of relationship


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Oct 26, 2017
Hi Experts,

I have a query. My wife's sister is based in Canada and is now a Citizen. But, we are not claiming points for that (Do not have Birth Certificate etc. to submit). I received my ITA. The issue is that when filling in my Wife's FAMILY DETAILS, if we enter her sister's details showing her to be in Canada, the system automatically adds 15 points and will subsequently ask us to upload supporting documents. What is the way out? We cannot skip entering her details either. Please suggest.

If she has a sibling, the details have to be furnished. Although, if you do not have enough documents, you can upload an LOE detailing about this and you will not get 15 points for that during processing stage.
Nov 26, 2020
Hello everyone... need help here
My uncle aunt adopted me when i was 8 .. they applied for my canada PR on the basis of adoption but that case got rejected
Even though the case was rejected... but from 5th grade to my passport .. or any official documents .. i have their name as my parents
So now I want to claim the points for my Express entry
But they said they don’t have the adoption papers anymore
My siblings are canadian citizens
My question is ... do i need to submit the adoption documents or anything else will work .. such as their passport .. birth certificate ??
Please reply

thank you