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Should I settle in Canada? Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mails4nam, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Dear all,

    I am from Mumbai,India. I am already very well settled in India with permanent secured job in Nationalised bank.My bro staying in Canada from couple of years having PR wants me to settle in Canada.I am single.30yrs.

    I am damn confused.Leaving well settled job and moving to Canada??? Will I get a good job in Canada? Will I get in Banking sector?

    Is moving to Canada worth it???

    Plz advise.

  2. The simple fact that you are even asking the question probably indicates that, for you, it would not be worth it.
  3. it all depends on how you want to live?
    Let give you my example... I was working in Reliance at executive position, well settled , good position, good family life and excellent money in India, I had all. When I left people were asking me what am I missing? why I am leaving? Even though I left at age of 38 years.

    But today I am not regretting! I have acquired more than what I was having there. Reliance experience was very valuable here and everyone knows that company here. even after 10 years working in Canada, I was hired in one very good company in USA based on experience in Reliance but after joining new company and working they see how you are performing. If you are able to perform better than everyone will value your past experience but suppose you don't have good experience and if don't perform or able to adjust in the new environment same people will think your past company and you experience was not enough.

    In short you have to decide what you would like to do in future? what type of life you would like to have? you can earn money anywhere.
    In my case I can not work in some environment but the working environment and growth I got here may not have got in in India, may be I had became vice president (my colleague who were in same position as me are in fact now vice president in Reliance) but I would not have had job satisfaction over there which I am getting here.

    so think what you want to do and decide. don't worry about job, you will get it if you have determination, it takes minimum 2 years to get in to good job some times but I got just in 2 months and never got layoff!

    think about life of your children and struggle that they might have to do to grow and study and establish vs you may loose your culture little bit. some thing you may gain and something you may loose.
    good luck!!!
  4. It will take some years to settle down. Since your brother is in Canada, you can try there.
  5. I think it depends on your goals in life and your personality. Some people at age 30 are already set in their ways of life and not ready to adjust: Canada wont work for such cos you need to do a lot of adjusting especially if you come with anything less than PR status. In the long run though it will benefit your kids the most if you plan to have any so just weigh the pros ad cons...its your decision. all the best
  6. although ur job is secure but still Canada is part of G7, and listed as one of rich countries (20th) as compare to you home country. do u want to develop ur and ur kids future in your country with your job or for the long term future.
    rest is up to u. wish u good luck . enjoy
  7. What does your brother do exactly? If he can help you get a job and stuff, it *might* be worth it. But in any other case, it`ll be *very* hard to find employment that is even remotely comparable to what you are used to at home. In fact that day may never come. All those Indian (and non-Indian, for that matter) immigrants with good education backgrounds are not driving cabs because they love it, but because they have to.

    Being single is also a drawback for people with a more traditional mindset who want to start a family. Chances are, you`ll be disappointed in the dating game with Canadians. And you`ll be even more disappointed with people from your country living here (irrespective of the actual country). Then again, if you`re more interested in enjoying the amenities of single life and have no plans to get serious with anyone, it could even be an advantage.

    Whatever you do, think of this basic statement before making your final decision: You`ll be starting from zero in Canada, and that always involves the risk of getting stuck at zero. Are you up for the challenge?
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  8. It depends on what do you want from your life.
  9. Thanks everyone. Your suggestions have made me see pros and cons crystal clear.

    Thanks a ton for the feedback. Will go through and take a appropriate decision.

    Best regards,
  10. Namrata

    i have similar dilemma , in early 30s , management position in India
    Reply from "kps2014" seems pretty useful though ..

    whenever i do calculation on money side , i feel like i will be having short term pain but things might look very different from long term perspective

  11. Is the migration worth it?

    -R u a citizen of the country where u presently live?
    -Can u get the Nationality of that country, if u r an Expatriate?
    -Can u stay/reside till "eternity" in that country?
    -Can u do whatever u want there, even if it's not illegal?
    -Can u buy a house "in a year" in that country?
    -Even if u r less qualified or underemployed, can u think of buying a house?
    -Will u get pension after your haytime is past in your current country?
    -R u entitled to "unemployment insurance" there?
    -Can your children be called First Country Citizens there?
    -Can u vote & get to elect your representative at the senate (in 4 yrs.)?
    -Would u get to meet your MP - for personal matters?
    -Does your child receive Free Education now (& a good one at that)?
    -Do u all receive Free Healthcare in that nation (& the best too)?
    -Do u like to reside in Asia rather than North Americas?
    -Do u believe in equality of man & get it there?
    -R u treated at par there alongwith the nationals?
    -Can u still hold your head high under dire straits?
    -Does the Cop call u "Sir" even while u r being ticketed?
    -Can u purchase 50% of your goods there at cheaper rates than here?
    -Could u buy a good used Merc in about $12000? And a fairly new one in about $22K?
    -Do u get your merchandize locally made or from EU/US, rather than China?
    -Can u get homegrown foodstuff (& organic too), not imported?
    -Can u be least bothered about landlords increasing your rents?
    -Can u be assured about Minimum Wages there?
    -Can u go into Collective Bargaining with your employer?
    -How about being self-employed, w/out the hassle of owenership/sponsorship?
    -Do u receive about $300-500/child as Free Allowance every month?
    -If u get disabled (God Forbid), can u call the Public Bus to your home doorstep?
    -Can u daily bike to "whispering meadows" & live healthier?
    -Does your patio open to natural greenery, all around?
    -Can u come to your home basement & catch the Subway, w/out leaving the bldg?
    -Can u call the world over in $30/month, unlimited?
    -If u r a single lady, will u be assured of safety & opportunities by your Govt?
    -Can your wife be assured of Govtl. Support if u pass away (God Forbid) uninsured?

    Uhh... I could go on, but u'd be bored & awed further...

    If most answers to the above is "Yes"... Then stay on in Dubai.
    If 50% of them is "No"... Then Welcome to Canada!
  12. At the end of the day, we each have to decide what we value.

    Coming to Canada resulted in a loss of pay, higher taxes, a higher cost of living, and a smaller house. It's cost tens of thousands of dollars, and taken me away from friends and family.

    Was it worth it? Absolutely. I value Canada, and a government where I don't worry about getting shot by the police. I appreciate that healthcare is not left up to an accident of birth, and that the court system won't destroy my life savings if I'm ever sued.

    The question "is Canada worth it", is answered by the answer to another question: "what do you value?". If Canada has what you want, and home does not, then yes. Otherwise, no, it's not.
  13. My advice, do not come to Canada, it's simply doesn't make any sense to come to Canada leaving a good job in India. If you have any issues or problems in your home country then it make's sense but from a country like India it does not make any sense.

    I recently came here leaving a good job in India, I was bitten by Canadian and western life. I got a decent job here in Canada, but still I feel it's not worth it.

    1. India has everything what you find here in Canada, the quality of life in India is equally good now. I thought the life will be different here, but it's
    not lot of different.
    2. The cost of living has gone up immensely in Canada, even if you make 100000 a year you will be probably saving less then you would have in
    India. You can only dream of owning your own house here, with housing costs rocketing.
    3. Canada is becoming more crowded, just like India. There are lot and lot of refugees and other people now here. The crime rate and everything
    else is almost similar to India. The roads are bad in some areas and here even highways have traffic jams.
    4. You will start to miss your family, life and friends back home...even if you want to you will not be able to move back because you would have
    bid good bye's to everone and your pride prevents you from going back for some time.. If you are fields like IT, once you are here it will be
    almost impossible to get a good job in India again for your experience.
    5. Private and international schools in India are lot better then here, if you have kids do not leave the high quality of education back home, here the
    education is free but standard is very less then India.

    And if you do not get job, which is usually the case with new immigrants, you will be in tremendous misery. There are people who have left great jobs and came here and not finding a job went into depression bearing this cold climate.

    My sincere advice, stay back in India if you have a govt job or a good job.... It's just not worth coming here. You can come here only if the conditions back home are bad and have no option, and from growing countries like India it's simply not worth it.
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