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Should I appear for G or G2 road test?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Khabz, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Hello all,

    I m eligible to appear for G and G2 both because of my past experience. Was wondering the following.

    1. Which license I should appear for? G2 or full G? Which one is easier to pass?

    2. I will be appearing in Mississauga drive test center. Is that a good center?

    3. Is there any difference between G2 and G apart from the alcohol level?

    4. Also, I am not overly concerned regarding the insurance fee for G2.

    5. I have my international driving permit. So can I rent a car and take it to the drive test center? I heard somewhere that after G1 license, I cannot use my international driving license. Is it true? If yes, then any official reference would be appreciated.

    6. I will be out of Canada for 1year and 9months and the moment I am doing my soft landing for 40 days. So won't be buying/leasing a car, instead will rent a car.

  2. 1. G2 is easier. Depending upon your comfort with Canada style driving (freeways, left side, rule familiarity) you can take G. If you are unsure, take G2, especially since you say later that you dont care about insurance rates.
    2. Yes
    3. Yes, for G2 it is zero
    4. Do check online quotes before you convince yourself of that, it can range from 1000 CAD/year
    5. Yes, you can rent a car. But it is not allowed, although people have reported instances where they were let go by traffic cops. But strict rule interpretation says after G1, it is as good as not having that license. That is why folks recommend finishing driving test within the .
    6. Good to know. Remember that your license can take 1-2 weeks to be delivered after test
  3. 1. G2 doesn't have a highway test, so it should be easier.
    2. No idea. Just make sure you're able to find a vacant slot for your test first.
    3. You can see differences here. I've been driving with my G2 for over a year, no issues.
    4. I was told it doesn't matter a lot since you don't have driving history in Canada.
    5. That's correct. Once you have a G1 license, you cannot use your international license.
    6. I personally didn't apply for a DL until I moved permanently because I didn't want to establish secondary ties to Canada in addition to opening a bank account and getting a credit card. Why do you need a DL now when you can use your International Driving Permit during those 40 days?
  4. Hi Subodhp,

    Could you please help with these questions related to getting an Ontario driving license:
    A bit of context:
    I went to the driving license authority office in Toronto and showed them my previous license (9 years old, Indian license), they asked me to fill an application form and to mention my driving experience years in the form and then they asked me to sit for a written test, which i did and passed it. They issued me a G1 (learners license). Also they took a driving test fee. Which i am not sure for which test G2 or G road test. I forgot to ask them and i am not in Canada at the moment.

    My questions are:
    Can I present my driver license extract to them when I book a road test (I can do the G road test, as I am familiar with highway driving)?
    Or because I did not present the extract when i applied for G1 license, Do I have to now go through normal G2 and G road test system with mandatory waiting period?
    I can not drive on highways with my G1 license and i have heard that during the G road test, the examiner asks you about your driving experience on 400 series highways. I was wondering if they also accept driving experience on other country's 80-110 km highways ( i live in another western country, similar road rules with Canada, but i never bothered to get that country's driving license, silly me :D, they have direct exchange agreement with Ontario), As i would like to take the G road test immediately after i arrive in Toronto again?

    Thank You!
  5. Do familiarise yourself with the rules here : https://drivetest.ca/licences/licence-exchanges/foreign-licence-experience-credits.html

    Answers to your questions
    You likely were setup for a g2 test since with license alone you can claim 12 months of experience and get to give g2 without wait. You should be able to find this info in sheet that they have to you with appointment details (if you booked one)

    You can present dl extract on a later day as well and they will let you take g directly after processing any fees.

    Yes, they ask about past driving experience and you should be able to answer those based on your foreign experience.
  6. Thanks Subodhp1,

    Unfortunately the drivetest.ca website can not be accessed (the website just never loads) outside Canada or maybe in my country of residence. So I am unable to access any information from it.

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