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shared accomodation in calgary NE

Discussion in 'Housing' started by calgary1, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Furnished rooms with high speed internet are available for newcomers & immigrants. Close to all aminities. Pick up & drop off services also available. Call Girish # 403-255-8582 for more info.
  2. Hi Girish,

    Can u detail as to what services u undertake for new immigrants? I am landing shortly in Calgary with my family(2+2). Looking for a temporary accomodation(furnished) for 2 weeks time? where is ur home located?


    Sachin bapat
  3. I am in TARADALE NE. You can email me : taradale@live.ca
  4. Hi all,
    Thanks for your support & cooperation.
  5. Hi All,

    I have received my Canadian Permanent Resident Visa recently few months back under Alberta Provisional Nomination Program.

    I have booked the ticket and planning to land in Calgary on May-31st Night, Can someone

    provide me their mailing address to be provided to the authorites at airport.

    So that my permanent resident card will be mailed by authorities to the address mentioned...I

    will greatly appreciate your help for my life long!!!!.

    Hoping for Quick Help!!!!!!!!!!.

    email : mahenderreddy8@gmail.com
  6. Hi Mahendra,
    You can use my address.Pl email me at taradale@live.ca for address.
  7. Thanks a lot..It was nice talking to you...You are doing great things by helping all the people in Alberta.

    I have dropped email at taradale@live.ca for your contact address and Let me know for all the details as talked over the phone.

  8. Thanks for feedback , Mahinder.Hope you got your PR card.
  9. hello,

    we are planning to land in calgary by may 2011...we are four in the family, may i know how much do u rent for an apartment or condo suited for us?

    thank you
  10. I need temp accommodation for week in calagary. Please let me know if any one you know.

  11. When u want to come?
  12. Hi! Do you still have these available rooms? How much is the current rental rate? I'm planning to land this June 2011. Thanks!
  13. You can email me at taradale@live.ca for detail info. Rent depends upon length of stay, number of people etc.
  14. Thanks Calgary1 for your support and help. We would really appreciate it.
    God bless you.
  15. Thanks Anisha !!!!!!!!!

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