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Setup an online store as an international student

Discussion in 'Start Your Own Business in Canada – Self Employmen' started by Neel5252, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. I am a student pursuing my BBA in Dubai and i will be coming to Canada for my higher studies . I want to be an entrepreneur and open a shopify store , do affiliate marketing or be a freelancer on fiverr . I just want to approach everything legally and dont want to face any problems in terms of giving tax or making income via these platforms and affect my stay in Canada on a study permit.

    1.Can i open a shopify store, do affiliate marketing or be a freelancer on fiverr in Canada as a international student on a study permit?
    2. If possible . How do i go about paying the taxes and following the legal laws of operating a business ?

    Kindly help me clear my doubts.
  2. Did you get any answer? I'm interested too
  3. This is also a direct interest area for me too. Kindly let me know if you get any answers. Phone/WhatsApp: +233242883076. kindly hookup and let's seek answers together. Thanks.
  4. Can someone with the necessary experience answer this important question?
  5. No you can't set up and run a business with your current study permit.

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