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Serious College mistake! Be careful !!!


Sep 5, 2018
I got my transcript letter from College to apply for my PGWP. At the same day I applied online. 3 Months latter immigration refused my visa justifying that I didn’t prove The conclusion of my studies. That’s when I found out that my Transcript was missing the most important information “Credential Awarded in 12 jun 2018”. I tried a restoration and the College gave me a letter assuming their mistake, even tough my restoration was refused and I had to come back to my country.
What are my chances if I sue the college for their mistake??? Can someone help me ???


VIP Member
Mar 22, 2016
So what exactly will you achieve to sue the college, financial compensation ? Ultimately you are responsible for the documents submitted to support any immigration application to ensure they are complete so sure the college may have omitted something but they did not submit the application for the PGWP.