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September 2019 application Waiting for AOR, paper based PNP application

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Meet patwl, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Hello, I am starting this thread for people who apply their pnp paper based application in September 2019 and still waiting for AOR.

    Mailed pr application to Sydney- September 13,2019
    Received on - September 6,2019
    AOR- still waiting.
  2. Hello
    is there any update?
  3. Hello please I need someone to clear me on this, my ielts test expired while waiting to receive acknowledge of receipt, do I need to retake the test?
  5. hello did you receive your AOR?mine AR sept.30 still waiting AOR
  6. I got my AOR day before yesterday 13 nov 2019
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  7. When was your AR date?
  8. Please what do mean by AR, my question was that I have submitted my application through paper base but my ielts has expired while waiting for AOR please do I need to retake the test?
  9. AR means Application Received,the day your application was received by IRCC.my question was directed at Meet Patwl.

    Can any one help with an answer to his question,I think his ielts expiring is no problem but I dont want to assume.
  10. I confirm through the courier and I was received on October 4
  11. Sep 16 2019
  12. I don’t think so it’s gonna be problem if it’s expired. One on my friend went through that. I got no problem
  13. It got expired a month after I submitted and am yet to receive AOR so I was thinking of retaking the test... I want to well clarify please
  14. It got expired a month after I submitted and am yet to receive AOR so am thinking of retaking the test but I want to be well clarify please

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