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September 2019 AOR to PPR

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by GauravSood011, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Hi Guys,

    Starting this thread to have discussion with PR applicants who have filled their application on September 2019, so that we can have some idea about the possible processing time of our case.

    Ours is Paper based application under BC PNP program, file sent to IRCC office Nova Scotia.

    Our File Reached IRCC office on 30th Aug 2019, Waiting for AOR...
  2. application received: 26th Sep
    AOR: waiting
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  3. Lets hope to have messages from more members.
  4. almost same time line september 30,waiting for AOR
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  5. 21st September AOR,
    Biometrics done 14th October
    Profile : submitted status
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  6. Congratulations!!! All the best for file processing.
    Can you also confirm when did your file reached CIC office and which office is processing your file.
  7. I am not sure as to how to answer, I created the EE profile online and got AOR online too, is there something I dont know ?
  8. If its online EE then you will not have those information, the information I requested is for paper based PR application backed by PNP.
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  9. AOR Received: 17 Oct
    Biometric Submitted: 30 Oct
    Status: In Process
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  10. congrats!
    hope i’ll receive soon
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  11. All the best!!!
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  12. Congrats Gaurav.. May i know your Application Received (AR) date
  13. AR Date: 30 August
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  14. AR October
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