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>>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Guys
    How do you know you got an AOR ? Is it the date your Medical get cleared. Please clarify.
  2. The mail you instantly receive when you submit your application. AOR is acknowledgment of receipt,
  3. Thanks a lot sir...
  4. Hi guys,
    got my AOR on Sep 10th. will keep posting any status changes here. Hopefully, the application will be processed within standard TAT. fingers crossed.
  5. Can someone please add me to the whtsapp group 8108600381
  6. Please add me to the group.
    ITA: 20th Aug
    AOR-Sept 6th
  7. Invited!
  8. ITA: 20th August 2019
    AOR: 5th September 2019
    Please add me too.
  9. Invited!
  10. AOR Sept 11th. Does anyone know if the process will be faster if I'm single and inland? Thanks for any replies in advance.

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