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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lchaleleng, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. where was this message sent from? through email?
  2. Me too exact same
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  3. GCKey is where you see this information. It also has the timeline bar
  4. Probably we gonna have answers in similar days
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  5. I called IRCC today, and a wonderful woman, super nice was trying get as much information for me as possible. I was concern about the passport thing and they're aware of the Venezuelan passport issue and assume the VO is aware of it too. Again my application is in Mexico and they continue to say application is on the right path or whatever. Just matter of waiting bit longer.

    I assume everyone here is in the 10 month mark by now.
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  6. no its on mine GC key login
  7. I have received the pre arrival letter for my wife :D the wait is finally over. Now we are waiting for the PPR which should be long but good luck to everyone. I think all of you should be hearing good news soon!!
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  8. Congratulations !!!!!1 So happy for you
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  9. thank you!! im hoping you hear something this week as well
  10. hahahaa1 I hope so too but i dont expect to hear anything until the year is up. But thank you so so much :) Its always great to finally start hearing news for the September outland group
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  11. My wife is Oct 1 applicant she got pre arrival March 6, still waiting PPR. In same boat at you September applicants, it looks like processing will be close to the 12 month time frame. Good luck!
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  12. Hi
    which forms did you fill for the spouse sponsorship?
  13. Hi, everyone I have applied for my husband who lives in pakistan in september 2018, they received my application on september 12 2018, they asked for his medical in february he got his medical done by march 6 and they said medical results have been received..but after that nothing at all its been 4 months and 1 week
    anyone can help me what will they ask for next or how long is it gona take for them to get back to me
  14. The best way to get a clear picture in your application , is to order your notes. It’s 5 dollars and they take 30 days to arrive . These are the officers notes on your application and at this stage in our application process it provides a lot of information.

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