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Sept 2017 - Any PR Card renewal applications submitted

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by GoodMorningCanada, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. We are on the same boat. I travel June 7th in the afternoon. And the PRTD timeline is ridiculous. I also looked into it, but I don't have enough time to get it. It should be an urgent 2 day processing time thing (even if it cost $200 - $300, whatever they want to charge). What happens if you loose your PR card while on vacation and you don't have 10 or 14 days to wait? I also don't understand why you can cross the border by car and enter with your Confirmation of Permanent Residence, but not at an airport. I initially thought it was a rule meant to make life easier for airlines (they are liable if a passenger is denied entry to a country, and that is why they check visas before issuing a boarding pass), for them it is easier to check a card with expiration date and photo than a paper, but what about people who don't need a visa to enter Canada (I would need one, and always have to show my PR card)? You could easily board the plane as a EU citizen, or american citizen for example, and still have issues at the airport. Honestly I don't get it...
  2. Well, as an American or EU citizen you wouldn't have problems because those are visa exempt countries, meaning you can enter as a visitor with an eTA that only takes minutes to a business day to be approved. But still, they should have made this process easier for the rest. It's ridiculous that it takes this much time and effort. I understand that there may be limitations but someone should figure out how to make this smoother. It's their job after all. We are legal residents of Canada, we can't be made to feel like prisoners who can't leave the country.
  3. I check my status at least 10 times a day just to check if it says complete. Calling them is such a pain!! You can never get a hold of them!
  4. Anybody whose PR renewal applications are finalized those who have similar timelines like mine.

    Application sent on Feb 1 st 2018.
    Received on 8 th Feb, 2018.
    AOR 23 rd April 2018.
    No decision yet ( Today 19 th May 20018 )
    Exactly 100 days passed after AOR date.
  5. Hey guys just an update. I checked my status just now and it says complete and my card was mailed on the 18th of May. All these days i checked my status using UCI number. But today I entered my application number and this is what it said.
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  6. It seems I have lost 6 weeks because my photos weren't *right*. It's not fair, but it what is it.

    They received my original application on February 26th. I sent back my application again (yes, they mailed back everything back to me) with the new photos and they got them on April 12th. So my *new date* is April 12th.

    Does anyone know when I am able to check online and the earliest I can hear anything? Was planning on going away middle of July and I guess now that is not possible? No time to get the PRTD and no option to cross the border by car.
  7. I have one other question, my application is really straightforward. In the last 5 years, I have had 125 days outside of Canada. What I was wondering, is there a chance it could go to secondary? Could they randomly select an application?
  8. Very good news, love hearing this gives ne hope that this process will be over with
  9. They do not select randomly for secondary review. Only if they think the case is complicated an application will go for a secondary review. And it depends on which places you’ve travelled. And as for PRTD you need to apply it from the country you’re travelling to.
  10. Check processing times and which applications they’re processing now. Because it took a week for my status to change to complete since it said they’re processing applications received on Jan 25th which is when they received mine.
  11. Good to know. Congrats. Your application AOR on 12 th April. They finalized and mailed Card on 19 th May. ( 38 days )

    My Application along with my wife's was received and AOR on 23 rd April. Hopefully this week end or beginning of next week.
  12. They received my application on feb 12. It was checked for completeness in march 8. Every time I have called they told me that my application looks good and that no other documents are needed. Yet I have not received an AOR yet and it seems like I'm the only one.

    All I need is my AOR to show the real estate council of Ontario so I can obtain my real estate license.

    I'm a bit worried.

    Am I the only one who has sent an application in feb and not received an aor yet?
  13. Did you try to log in : https://services3.cic.gc.ca/ecas/introduction.do?app= ?
  14. Of course. It says it can't identify me. When I called last week they said I haven't gotten an AOR because it's not in process yet. But by the looks of everyone's comments here I am the only one.
  15. So, I called CIC today, since I am 7 days past the processing time (I had been close to pass the processing time before, but they added days and I had to wait). Basically, there are no updates on my file after the documents check. The agent sent a message to Sydney to ask for an update, since my card should had been mailed already (according to the processing time, which will probably get updated this week to who knows what). I asked that she mentioned that I am travelling on June 7th. I don't think it will make a difference, but it couldn't hurt to ask. My application was received on February 1st, and I received the AOR on April 18th (so you don't have to go back in the thread).

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