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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by RaghavDhaani, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Is here anyone who applied for visitor visa offline nd received any update.mine is still in process.what about you?
  2. Applied on 8th sep. no update
  3. Applied 3rd September VFS Bangalore approved on 25th September
  4. Applied On 10 Sep . No update
  5. My also still in process
  7. I applied on august 10th , no update yet
  8. I Applied on 10 Sep no update still in process
  9. Hi All

    I applied Paper based application in banglore on sep 17th 2018 , Oct 4th got an email ur visa is rejected , reasons are below

    1. Having a legitimate business purpose in Canada

    2. travel history

    Tourist visa I applied but i wonder Legitimate business purpose , My consultant cheated me like he applied with wrong documents , now I want to reapply tourist visa , plz help me what to do and how to convince officer that i got cheated ..

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  10. There is a difference between tourist and visitor visa.you should check it out firstly.
  11. Applied 10 Sep
    Still in process
  12. Still same status, its been 37 days. Sent email through IRCC web yesterday and got the below reply in 20 minutes.
    Do delays mean it will be rejected or approved.

    Thank you for your E-mail.

    Your application is in queue for review by an officer.

    Please note that the volume of applications received and the complexity of individual applications can cause processing times to be longer in some cases. This is often due to circumstances beyond our control. We appreciate your patience and we will contact you once processing has been finalized.


    Client Experience Team | RA

    IRCC Abu Dhabi

    United Arab Emirates
  13. Hi, Applied for paper based application on Sept 10 for my mother to visit my younger brother for attending his convocation (17 Oct) and still waiting for visa.
  14. Applied on 8th sep
    Jalandhar vfs , Delhi v/o
    Refused on 16 oct.
    Refusal grounds
    1) travel history
    2) family ties in canada & India
    3) personal assets & financial status

    I have a valid USA visa , have travelled to UK , Europe many other countries as i work in merchant navy.
  15. Hello Everyone,
    I applied for my parent's visa to attend convocation and got approved.
    the timeline is the
    date of application : October 4th, 2018
    the review started on October 15th, 2018
    visa aprroved on October 16th, 2018.


  16. Yes I enclosed copies of previous visas including US visa

    Copies of bank statement with 30000 can dollars
    Pay slips with 2400usd as salary

    My brother is in canada & my parents in India , my mother applied along with me, both rejected for same reasons

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