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Sending transcripts to kwantlen polytechnic university KPU for offer letter

Discussion in 'Education' started by Shubham swain, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. hello all...!
    I am very very very much confused at this point of time...!

    I am facing issues regarding getting offer letter from kwantlen polytechnic university.
    I applied for human resources management post baccalaureate diploma for january 2018 intake on 29th august and i got and email from KPU 2 days before to send TRF IELTS Scorecard by email(which i have sent) and also to send transcripts of secondary and/or post secondary institute by mail directly from the official board to KPU.
    Now the problem is that i have to send these transcripts by mail... which means by courier and i have been graduated from panjab university, chandigarh and i requested for sending transcripts and they said it will take 45 days to send the transcripts.... !
    I was shocked... today is 15th september and i am already running late for january 2018 intake and if they send transcripts in 45 days then it will be very much late.

    What can i do to get my offer letter fast!
    Have anyone got admission in KPU after completing bachelors degree? Please help me in this matter!

    Can i send the transcripts by email? Will they accept it? What else can i do?

    Please help me please
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  2. I'm also on same boat....still w8ing for offer letter....r u check ur application status...by using ur user id and Pin provided....it would show u the status of ur application.
    Could you plz..tell me which transcripts u had sent to them ..be it graduation only or for both 12th and graduation? Coz i was sent only graduation transcripts...yet status is incomplete documentation.
  3. I got my offer letter 2 days ago. And believe me that getting offer letter from KPU is really a tough task. It took me almost 63 days to get offer letter.

    And to reply for your query i will inbox you. Please check your inbox.
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  4. they receive transcripts on 29 sep....i hope for best that i would get OL very soon......what would you expect that i got next week
  5. WHat are you saying if they recieved it on september 29th then it would have been updated till now.
    Mine was recieved by them on 11th october. You need to check everything again.You might not have completed the checklist.
  6. Hello
    I'm applying in Kwanlten polytechnic university, and they sent a mail to me that you have to mail the transcripts of class 12th (I mean through courier) and , then I go to my school as I had done 12th in CBSE board so i told them plz attest the following document and please seal the envelope with principal ma'am 's signature and also stamped it. They attested my documents bit they hadn't seal the envelope with their institutional stamp. So what shall I do now???

    Can I mail the document through email ?? Is that fine??
    Otherwise please help me in this problem. What should I do know??
  7. As per my knowledge u should send them from cbse delhi not from school.
    U should consult some other students because in my case i sent the my graduation transcripts from university not from my college. So i think same case for school student.
    Other advice is ....make a phone call to kpu if u have any other problem regarding offer letter. They will help u better. http://www.kpu.ca/international/contact (find contact here).
    Here various contact number from them u could find some different language speakers u will choose as per ur wish hindi punjabi english...
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  8. Actually I heard that KPU had banned the Indian students for September intake. Is this true?? If u can help me in this .
  9. Yes....it is true.... i also heard......on 24th.....but if u sent them application but not transcripts ....so i think u have chance....u can call today night around 11.00 pm if u from india....tell them about ur application....dont worry they reply very politely....
  10. Thankyou so...... Much

    "But you said that I had sent the application but not the transcripts. So u had a chance"

    What is the meaning of that??
  11. This will also allow the university to deal with the backlog of applications already submitted". I read it from From kpu website http://www.kpu.ca/international
  12. It doesnt apply to The students Who submitted application On or before 23rd January,2018 .
  13. Hi !
    Have u sent any reference letter or statement of purpose alongwith transcripts ?
  14. Do kpu tell u that they have received your transcripts??
    Please replyyyy
  15. Hey can someone tell me that is it compulsory to mention student id of kpu on each transcript to be sent by panjab university to kpu ?

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